6 Bizarre Spa Treatments (Slideshow)


When it comes to beauty, some people will do whatever it takes. Yeah, seriously. Whatever. It. Takes. Check out some of the most out-there spa treatments on the menu at spas across the globe. Would you partake in any of these treatments? Let us know in the comments section!

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1. Have Fish Eat Dead Skin

Treatment: You place your feet in water with doctor fish, the species Garra rufa and Cyprinion macrostomum, swimming in it. Spa owners claim the fish eat away your dead skin. In actuality, though, the fish slough off the dead skin during their search for food.

The controversial treatment is touted as a temporary fix for people suffering from conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Originating in Turkey, the practice is banned in several places in North America, citing concerns over hygiene and the potential spread of diseases.

Image Credit: yamakazz via Flickr


2. Gold Facial

Treatment: The skin is coated in a 24-karat gold serum, followed by an 80 minute massage.

What It’s Supposed to Do: The Santa Fe, New Mexico spa that offers this $275 treatment says that gold has some serious anti-aging properties.

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3. Arctic Ice Room

Treatment: Think of it as the opposite of a sauna: at the spa at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, you can chill out in a mild 55-degree room with mint-infused air circulating. “Snowflakes” fall from the ceiling.

What It’s Supposed to Do: It’s more about the experience than the treatment here.

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4. Snail Slime Cream

Treatment: Often marketed as BB cream, with snail slime as an active ingredient.

These types of creams are all the rage in skincare across the globe. Snails’ slime protects them from bacteria, UV rays and cuts and scrapes; similar benefits are seen in humans.

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5. Evian Bath

Treatment: You take a bath in the utmost of luxury bottled water, Evian. No tap water involved here!

At a whopping $1,000, this spa treatment is only available to guests staying at a Palm Beach, Florida resort’s penthouse.

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6. Snake Massage

Treatment: At this Israel-based spa, several different species of (non-venomous!) snakes are placed on the patient’s back to give a creepy massage experience.

The snakes are of different sizes and textures, and their body temperatures a quite cool, so your massage is unlike anything a human could perform.

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Myla Dively
Myla D4 years ago

I'm up for anything HOWEVER the snake message is CRAZY! They may not b poisonous but THEY STILL BITE!! No thank u! Slather slug slime all day! Lol

Waltraud U.
Waltraud U5 years ago

hm - up to those idiots consume all of these.

Jennifer R.
Jennifer R5 years ago

This just proves that people will do anything for beauty....bleh. In a few weeks I can go outside to experience an "Arctic Ice Room" for free (I live near Buffalo, lol).

Cheryl B.
Cheryl B5 years ago

glad I can't afford any of this

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

the snake thing is cool. but the rest? meh

Zazgyva A.
Zazgyva A5 years ago

snake massage??? ...

Dale Overall

Fascinating, I guess if people have a lot of extra cash to spare, anything goes. As far as the arctic chilling experience, this is free during any Canadian Winter near me...lots of that for six entire months.

Alicia Coker
Alicia Coker5 years ago

I would try the Arctic Ice Room

Brianna B.
Brianna B5 years ago


Mary B.
Mary B5 years ago

Tell me again why the super rich shouldn't have to pay more taxes...