6 Bright Ways to Use Color in Your Home

If you need a boost in energy and/or confidence, wear something Red. This vibrant color stimulates the nervous system and generates energy. But stay away from red if you have high blood pressure or get angry easily.

If you want to give your room a sense of peace and space, paint the walls Blue. Its soft, soothing tone will help you relax and meditate. But blue should be avoided if you tend to be depressed or low on energy.

A burst of citrusy Yellow in the dining room perks up appetite and gets the digestive juices flowing. It is also the color of cheer, so your meal is happier. If you donít want to paint the walls yellow, simply place oranges and lemons in a basket in the center of your table.

Orange is a vibrant, welcoming color. Psychologists advise using it in areas where you entertain guests. Burnt orange walls, orange glasses or napkins, a playful set of coasters… imagine the festive feel of it all!

Try green accents in your bathroom. It is the color of peace, and suggests freshness. Just a couple of indoor plants and a lime-green towel can evoke vitality.

Purple is the color of prosperity, because it gives a rich, luxurious feel. Use it in the living room for a calm, sophisticated feel.

Read more about the power of color†here.



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Tamara r Pearlman

Interesting yet lacking a bit. I do appreciate the colors named and their interpretations. I don't know if I'd want to paint my living room purple tho.

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thanks! i love orange (not bright, just the rustier shades)

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Gonna have 2 try red out for energy

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thanks, like the idea of orange..never use it...

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thanks for the info

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