6 Clever Uses for Coffee Filters

By Leah Batkin, Networx

Everyday household items have long been known to serve other purposes, and no object exemplifies this versatility better than the coffee filter. Not only do coffee filters do an excellent job at catching wet coffee grinds while letting the brewed liquid coffee pass through, but their distinct texture, made of coarse long fiber crepe paper, lends itself nicely for other uses. For example, Networx’s editor has avoided a clogged drain and a subsequent call to an NYC plumber by covering her kitchen sink drain with a coffee filter when she didn’t have a kitchen sink strainer. Here is a list of 6 other uses for coffee filters:

1. Cleaning Tool

Coffee filters make an excellent cleaning tool for glass and screens. Spray a cleaning agent on a coffee filter to clean computer monitors, television screens, windows, and glasses. They clean perfectly without leaving residue.

2. Shoe Polisher

You donít even need polish when you use a coffee filter to clean your shoes, but you can use shoe polish on a coffee filter to give your shoes that extra sparkly shine.

3. Air Freshener

Coffee filters are built to hold debris inside them, so instead of wet coffee grinds, put baking soda or potpourri inside them. Tie it together with a tie twist and place in a dresser drawer, bathroom, or anywhere else you want to smell nice.

4. Grease Absorber

Next time you order a pizza and you want to mop up some of that grease before indulging, donít waste your time with napkin after napkin. Instead, try using a coffee filter ó they are made to absorb liquid. Go ahead and mop away! Now you can eat your greasy foods with (a little) less guilt.

5. Fake Flowers and Other Party Decorations

Coffee filters make excellent fodder for art projects. They tend to work like tissue paper but hold together better. One way of coloring a basic white coffee filter is to submerge it in a dish with food coloring and let it dry. Once you have your desired color, stack the filters and staple together, then pouf out the layers. Create flowers that can be used in a bowl as a centerpiece or strung together to make a garland.

6. In Between Dishes When Packing

Instead of newspaper, which can get cumbersome and bulky, use coffee filters in between dishes when packing them in a box. They are more or less the same size as a salad plate and are equally as thick as a page of newspaper.

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Use coffee filters to clean your glasses and tying herbs in when making broth.

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We buy unbleached coffee filters and compost the grounds and filter when used. We also have a permanent gold-mesh filter which helps too :)

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