6 Common Beginner Running Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

How difficult can running be? You just need to put on running shoes, clothes and then hit the road. But this seemingly simple exercise is more complicated than most people realize.

In fact, most beginners make mistakes that hinder them from seeing results or wanting to pursue the sport long-termóthey only end up with injuries and frustrations. Today weíll look into common running mistakes and how you can avoid them.

1. Inconsistency

Most runners begin with a lot of enthusiasm only to lose momentum after a few weeks. But you canít lose weight or get fitter if youíre not consistent. Youíll always be starting over if you skip workouts for 2 or 3 weeks.

The fix: The most important thing is to have a running routine. Write down the days youíll run, the distance and duration. While it might not be possible to stick to the routine all the time, do your best to complete all the runs within the week.

2. Not doing strength training

Most beginners abandon all exercises and focus on running only. They donít realize that running can increase risk of injury and weaken some bones and muscles if not combined with other exercises.

The fix: Combine running with strength training. Doing bodyweight exercises regularly will reduce risk of injuries and help increase muscle mass. Do simple exercises like squats, lunges and push ups once or twice a week.

3. Too intense at the start

Most beginners are eager to see results, so they run too fast or run long distances. Running a 5k after a few weeks of training is a mistake. It can lead to injuries or fatigue.

The fix: Donít train as someone who has been running for years, start slow and work on building discipline and consistency. Then increase the pace and distance of your runs gradually.

4. Wearing the wrong shoes

Wearing the wrong shoes doesnít just cause blisters Ė it can lead to knee, hip and ankle pain. Avoid wearing old shoes or shoes that arenít fit for running.

The fix: Go to a running store and buy proper running shoes. You can even ask the salesperson to help you pick the best shoe. Avoid wearing old shoes because they lack proper cushioning and balance.

5. Landing on your heels

Landing on your heels increases risk of injury. This usually happens when runners make long strides.

The fix: You should always land mid-sole when running. Avoid making long strides that will force you to land on your heels.

6. Not drinking enough water

Most runners donít drink water during runs to avoid side stitches. But this can cause dehydration and low performance.

The fix: Drink at least 2 glass of water an hour before you run and one glass right before you run. Feel free to carry a bottle of water if youíre going for a long run. And of course remember to hydrate after the run.

Which beginner running mistakes did you make?


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