6 Conditions that May Be Linked to Your Estrogen Levels

Estrogen plays a vital role in women’s health. It promotes sexual development in girls when they hit puberty, it helps regulate menstrual cycles and much more. It also promotes sexual development in men.

When estrogen levels are too high or too low,you may experience unpleasant effects such as bloating, headaches, low sex drive. If hormones stay unbalanced for long,you may even develop serious conditions that can ruin your health.

Theseare some of the common health conditions linked to unbalanced estrogen levels in both women and men.

1. Heart Disease

It turns out low estrogen levels can increasetherisk of heart disease in women. In one study, researchers found that 69 percent of premenopausal women who had coronary artery disease (CAD) had low estrogen levels.

Since heart disease has many other risk factors, researchers say that this doesn’t prove a cause and effect relationship. However, it shows the possibility that low estrogen levels may increase the risk of heart disease.

2. Breast Cancer (and Other Types of Cancer)

Research shows there’s a strong link between hormonal imbalances and breast cancer risk. The study found that when estrogen levels were elevated, the risk of breast cancer doubled.

There’s also evidence that regulating estrogen dominance can help lower the risk of ovarian cancer, thyroid cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer for non-smokers.

3. Osteoporosis

We know that women have a higher risk of osteoporosis, and one of the reasons for this is the sudden drop of estrogen after reaching menopause.

Estrogen is essential for bone health, since it promotes the activity of osteoblasts: cells that form new bone. You can lower the risk of osteoporosis during menopause through estrogen replacement therapy.

4. Dementia

According to research, the amount of estrogen women produce during pregnancy may have a link to their risk of dementia. Researchers discovered there’s a 12 percent lower risk of dementia in women with three or more children compared to those with one child.

Additionally, women who started having menstrual cycles in their late teens have a 31 percent higher risk of dementia.

If you suspect your estrogen levels are low, elevate them by consuming enough food and avoid maintaining a low body fat percentage. You should also consider hormone replacement therapy.

5. Male Infertility

Many of us know estrogen is important for female fertility, but did you also know it’s vital for a healthy sperm count?

When men have high estrogen levels, their sperm counts drop, and they may develop gynecomastia, also known as “man boobs”, according to research.

Engaging in strength training is one of the most effective ways men can regulate their estrogen levels.

6. Depression

Hormonal changes are one of the reasonsmostwomen struggle with depression during menopause. Womenwithlower estrogenlevels over a lifetime have a higher risk of depression during menopause, according to this study. Mostly these are women with fewer pregnancies and menstrual cycles.

Do you know other conditions linked to unbalanced estrogen?

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