6 Easy Ways to Add Years to Your Life

A recent Care2 post shared that roughly 1 in 4,400 Americans lives to be at least 100. What are some ways to make it to the coveted three-digit age figure? Or at least add some years to your life? Here are 6 things to start doing now:

Get up every 30 minutes: There is research to show that people who spend long hours sitting are at a greater risk of dying of serious illness, even if they eat healthy or work out.

Cut down on your portions: Even if you cannot change what you eat, just try to eat less of whatever you do. Remember, the shorter your waistline, the longer your lifeline.

Think positive: Studies show that people with a positive approach to life have a much lower incidence of heart and kidney disease and much greater immunity from stress and related illnesses. The exact reasons for this are not known, but the statistics are proof that being happy helps you live longer.

Check your D levels: There is increasing evidence that connects low levels of Vitamin D with certain types of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Make sure you’re getting adequate sunlight, and get yourself tested for D-deficiency.

Keep your mouth clean: Most people tend to brush only once a day, many never floss, and even fewer clean the surface of their tongue. The result: bacteria get to feed off plaque and get into the bloodstream, causing heart disease and increasing your risk of stroke.

Connect with people: It really is true—what matters is how much life there is in your years, not vice versa. So, make friends, and meet them often. Studies show that those who have close friends live 50% longer than those who don’t.

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lisa o.
lisa O4 years ago

It sounds so easy. Maybe my genetics say I won't live to see 100, but I can sure try to foil them with these easy steps.

Anna Ballinger
Anna B5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Fred Hoekstra
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Kirsten Taufer5 years ago

well said!

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Charlene Rush
Charlene R5 years ago

This is an example, where everything mentioned, makes perfect sense.

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Rhona H5 years ago

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N Scerri
Natalie S5 years ago

I would never have thought that oral health contributes so much to overall wellness; nor that vitamin D is rather essential. Thanks for sharing!

Kate S.
Kate S5 years ago