6 Fascinating Fish Facts that will Make You Not Want to Eat Them

Inspired by the shark pledge in Finding Nemo, Fish Are Friends, Not Food! Week (which starts today!) serves to remind us that fish aren’t just a healthy source of fat or something to serve with fries and a wedge of lemon.

We need to change our perception of ocean animals from food to sentient creatures. Making the shift isn’t easy; I get that. As a vegan, fish was the last thing I stopped eating before going completely plant-based.

Like most people, I put our scaled friends at the bottom of the food chain. For whatever reason, we humans don’t see fish as being smart or having feelings. That really needs to change.

There is more and more evidence pointing to the fact that fish feel pain. Scientists are making fascinating discoveries about the hidden lives of fish that will make you think twice about eating them.

6 Fish Facts

1. Fish Are Sociable

Fish have rich social and sex lives and have been known to use touch as a reward or to curry favor.

2. Fish Have Great Recall

Fish not only have excellent memory, they’re also capable of teamwork and can even be quite cunning. (So much for the three-second myth.)

3. Fish Are Emotional Creatures

Much like humans and other animals, fish experience a range of emotions, including fear, joy, relaxation and playfulness.

4. Fish Learn like We Do

Fish and humans are more alike than you might think, especially when it comes to learning new things.

5. Fish Learn Faster than Kids

If you’ve ever doubted that fish are intelligent, this fact will make you view them differently. It turns out fish are actually faster at learning new skills than your four-year-old child.6. Octopuses Are Crazy Clever

6. Fish Have the Ability to Make Connections

Pet fish have been known to figure out the time and side of the tank to expect food.

There you go. Six excellent reasons to stop eating fish and start respecting them for the living, thinking, feeling beings they are. And if you happen to have an aquarium at home, take a moment to consider the emotional wellbeing of its inhabitants.

How to Stop Eating Fish

If this has inspired you to make the leap from omnivore to plant-based hero (yay!), it’s important to inform yourself about your new lifestyle. The last thing you want is to get sick because you’re living on bread and potatoes.

Check out these beginner tips for going vegan. Getting a vegan mentor is another great way to learn the ropes. You could also sign up for a 30-day vegan challenge and get going that way.

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I don't eat fish.

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It's high time that we respect fish for have feelings, for possessing awareness, being able to solve problems and also having a desire to live rather than be killed just like us!

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That headline is so sad.

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Thank you

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Fortunately, I never wanted to eat a fish.

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