6 Feng Shui DON’Ts

Creating  a harmonious and safe home that lifts your spirits and supports your highest aspirations will set the stage for you to go out into the world and soar! Take action on these six Feng Shui recommendations, and you will be well on your way to creating a HOME run in your life!

1. Don’t have a plain or unattractive entrance to your home.

The entryway is considered the important mouth of chi where all of our opportunities come to us. So fix it up, make it inviting and the opportunities will start finding their way to you, as well! (For how to do this see my article on How to Attract Opportunities)

2. Don’t have unfriendly furniture and objects in your home.

Feng Shui deals with the subtle and obvious. Our primitive instincts warn us to be on alert when something unsafe is in the room. Weapons should be locked up and kept out of sight. Kitchen knives should be hidden from view, and sharp-edged furniture should be replaced with rounded-edged furniture. (For more about this see these my articles on Feng Shui for Kitchens and Living Rooms)

3. Don’t sit, sleep or work for any period of time in the disempowered position.

Arrange your bed, office desk and your favorite chair or couch in such a way that you can see the doorway but are not in direct alignment with it. This alone can have a powerful affect on your feeling of coming from a place of strength in your life. For more on this see my article Feng Shui for Offices.

4. Don’t have a lot of clutter.

Feng Shui teaches that everything is alive and filled with chi or life-source energy and that we are energetically connected to everything we own. Having a lot of things that we are unaware of, such as those hidden in boxes in the garage, drawers and closets, translates to stuck energy in our lives. Feng Shui also teaches that our homes have specific energy centers that are connected to all of the key areas of our lives (See my article Where are the Energy Centers in Your Home). Eliminating the clutter frees up these important corresponding energy centers such as those related to wealth, health, career, family and our love lives.  Ask yourself: do I love it, is it useful, does it reflect who I am now in my life? If it does not pass the test, deep-six it, and see how things start to flow in each of these corresponding areas of your life!

5. Don’t have negative or disempowering artwork in your home.

Replace it with art that uplifts and inspires. This is taking up powerful real estate on your walls that is moving your life in that direction.  (For more about this see my article on Feng Shui for Bedrooms)

6. Don’t live without Nature in your home.

Everything from the natural world, including our wonderful four-legged friends, is filled with vibrant chi that will invigorate and enliven your home. Surround yourself with objects from the natural world from live plants to the fabrics, objects, textures, colors and art that represents it. Ultra modern decor often has sharp-edged furniture made of highly manufactured materials such as plastics and glass along with art that is often abstract. Make sure you add natural elements, fabrics and photography from nature  if this is the style you have in your home.  (See my article about Bringing Nature into the Home)

Take care of these six things in your living space and you will be well on your way to a healthy, harmonious and ‘Feng Shui’ home!



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