Attract Work You Love Using Feng Shui

“Most people go to their graves with their music still inside them.” -Oliver Wendell Holmes

In feng shui, our career is integral to our life’s journey. In this article I will show you how to locate and enhance areas of your home that correlate with career, according to feng shui principles. These recommendations are used to get your career moving in the direction you desire, or to bring to you a job that you are seeking.

The Bagua is one of the more mysterious parts of feng shui, which teaches that there are certain energy centers of our home that correspond to all the key areas of our lives. There are many parts of feng shui which are logical and practical, but the study of the Bagua is one of the more esoteric parts that comes out of the Chinese book of wisdom and divination, the I Ching. For a deeper explanation of the Bagua, please read my prior article on Charting the Energy Centers of your home.

The career area in feng shui encourages us to flow with the current, and trust the buoyancy of the water will support us and move us toward our true work. It helps us follow our bliss and leads us to accept what our soul has called us to do. Water can be both dangerous and gentle. Finding our life’s work similarly requires us to skillfully negotiate the rough waters and flow with the current rather than against it.

Observing how water behaves is a great teaching. It flows on and does not shrink from any plunge, moving over or around all obstacles. It remains true to itself. Nothing can make it lose its essential nature.

In Feng Shui we work with enhancing the career area of our home when we are looking for work, making any changes in our current job,  want to change careers and/or find the work that makes our heart sing.

Although we all need to make a living and support our loved ones, I have found in my own life, and those of my clients, that when we follow the path that excites us the most, doors open and synchronicity is set in play.

When I finally moved beyond the terror that kept me in secure but soul-killing corporate jobs, incredible magic began to unfold in my life, which brought me to an amazing path. I now get to teach and speak about Feng Shui all over the world and take groups on retreats to powerful energy vortexes such as Bali and Hawaii–something I barely allowed myself to dream of before. At the age of 40 I decided I would rather scare myself to death shooting for my dreams rather than bore myself to death doing something that was safe and secure. I read the powerful quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes, “most people go to their graves with their music still inside them,” and determined this would not be me.

Getting Past the Fear

The path to having a wonderful career that was my heart’s dream was not easy. The tough part always had to do with overcoming my own fear and the voices that said: you are on your own, you are not being practical, the universe will not support you, you have a good paying job, why rock the boat or how could you possibly think you could make a living doing your heart’s desire?

I believe we all have work that we are uniquely qualified to do. It may be a paying job or a non-paying job. Joy is the inner Geiger counter that leads us to it. As we follow the path that excites us the most, magic happens and we wake up each day with a renewed sense of excitement and anticipation as opportunities begin to unfold.

Fear, unbelief, feelings of unworthiness and/or guilt can keep our dreams at bay. As we listen to these voices, our soul becomes increasingly sad. Finding work from this place becomes drudgery and hard because our heart is not in it.

The passion radiating from our being draws our true work to us. Feng Shui enhancements in the career area of the home will further reinforce it, and as I have found  in my own experience, set in motion the manifestation of our desired outcome. (See my article on Your Home is Attracting Your Future)

How to Find the Career Area of your Home (Click Here for a Free Color Copy of the Bagua Map)

1. Draw a sketch of the floor plan of your space. This should be the birds-eye view as if you are looking down on it. Include all built-on decks, stairways and attached garages and porches.

2. Draw a square or rectangle over the floor plan in the shape of the Bagua map. All of the areas of the home need to be within the square or rectangle. If your home is an irregular shape, still draw the rectangle or square around it.

3. Stand at the front door with the map perpendicular to the floor with the Entrance Quadrant touching your stomach. This will tell you the direction to overlay the Bagua map onto the floor plan of your home.

4. Now divide your home with the Bagua map overlaid on it in nine equal sections. This will identify for you where all of the key nine areas are of your home are. The career area will be center section or the area closest to the front of the house, as you will see on the Bagua map insert.

5. If your home is not a rectangle or square, you may be missing areas of the Bagua. If this is the case, you can do a mini- Bagua for each room of your home and enhance the career segment of each room. Treat the main entrance to the room like you would the front door of the home and lay the Bagua accordingly. This energetically brings back into the space the missing area.

6. If you have more than one floor of your home, what ever is below is above. You do not turn the Bagua differently for each floor. In which case you may have more than one career area, the same rules of enhancement apply to all areas!

(Note, I teach and practice Form School Feng Shui, which uses what is called  ”Front Door Bagua.” Some of you may have studied Compass School Feng Shui which is a different type, and uses a Chinese compass to or luopan to determine chi or energy flow.

6 Enhancements for your Career Area

1. Feng Shui considers the water element to be directly connected to the career area.  This is a great place for water features such as fountains and fish tanks.

2.Place pictures of flowing water in this area for a career you want to get moving, and still water pictures if you are planning on retiring and slowing down. Avoid dangerous water pictures or those of a ship at storm with a lonely lighthouse in the distance.

3. Mirrors, glass crystals and dark colors such as black, navy blue, deep green and gray and asymmetrically shaped objects are all considered water features in Feng Shui. Bring in fabrics and objects in these colors shapes and materials.

4. Vision boards and collages with images, quotes and affirmations relating to the ideal career you want to bring in or the job or promotion you are looking for. Remember, the more passion behind it, the more chi (energy) it will generate!

5. Write in present tense, in excitement and gratitude an affirmation of the career you want to have as if it is true now. Place this in a box you like in the career area of the Bagua, or in the career area of a room if you have done a mini-Bagua. Date it and read it often; envision and feel the career you are manifesting and see yourself doing this work.

6. Always treat the home office as if it is also the career area of the home and enhance it with your vision boards and collages, the affirmations box and objects that reflect the ideal career you want to bring in. Make sure it is clutter free, organized and filled with objects that lift your spirits and inspire you. It should be a place that says: work is joyous, not drudgery! (See my article on Feng Shui for the Office).

It is not an easy thing to push beyond the fear when, as Mary Oliver says so eloquently in her poem, “The Journey” all of the voices are saying “mend my life.” These practical voices telling us we are being selfish and unrealistic grow fainter as we push on and “a new voice emerges, that we recognize as our own.”

Then another horizon becomes visible, feels possible and our soul becomes increasingly happier. Suddenly we find the universe is in cahoots with us and our life’s journey, of which our career is an integral part, becomes a magical one!

Free Offer: For those who would like a Free Color Copy of the Bagua Map and directions on how to apply it, please click here and I will send you one (pdf format). Enjoy!

Recommended Reading :  Mary Oliver’s wonderful poem The Journey


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Now, about my book obsession?? Collecting books I want to read, paper and electronic, but don't really have time for...running out of room to put them. Bad feng shui...

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