6 Heroic Hounds Who Saved Lives (Slideshow)

By Janet McCulley, Animal Planet

No job is too big or too small for these heroic hounds!†Do you have a heroic hound at home? Share your stories in the comments section below!

1. The Nose Knows: Lost And Found

When three girls in Georgia went missing during a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood, an entire task force was called to join in a frantic search for the missing girls. The fire department, police officers, and canine search and rescue all offered their assistance. However, it was actually the neighboring three-year-old chihuahua named Belle that found the girls alive and well.

Source: MSN

2. Canine Companion – Smoke Detector

Tucker, a yorkie/beagle mix, found himself the hero after alerting his family about a fire threatening the home where his family was sleeping. His incessant barking alerted India, the homeowner, who managed to bring her kids to safety and prevent the destruction of her home.

Source: Huffington Post

3. Ruff Handling A Venomous Snake

When sisters Michelle and Kaylee went to play on their swingset in their Australian home, they were not expecting to come face-to-face with one of the country’s deadliest: a brown snake. After hearing a cry for help, the family’s Australian cattle dog, River, jumped into action, grabbed the snake, and killed it.

Although he did sustain a bite from the snake, River made a safe and heroic recovery, after an emergency rush to the hospital and an antivenom.

Source: Huffington Post

4. Supaw Dog: Mom To The Rescue

After a house in Chile caught fire, Amanda, a German Shepherd, brought her litter of pups to the safety of the firetruck.†Supposedly, she carried the pups in her mouth and transported them from the burning house to the nearby truck. (Read Care2′s story about this mother dog.)

Source: Digital Journal

5. Sniffing Out Cancer

Sharon Rawlinson did not understand why her dog, a King Charles Cavelier named Penny, would paw at her left breast for weeks in her U.K. home. Rawlinson began to notice bruises and a bump in the area of Penny’s antics, so she checked in with the doctor for precaution. After the medical exam, it was discovered that Rawlinson had breast cancer, so she was able to begin chemotherapy right away, thanks to her pup’s keen senses.

Source: BBC

6. A Nose For Trouble

Nancy Jones, who is legally blind, was in her Alabama home folding laundry when her guide dog Pooh brought over her leash (which had been hung on a high shelf ó difficult to reach for a pooch!). After Jones strapped on Pooh’s leash, Pooh aggressively led Jones through the front door; only then did Jones detect the smell of gas emanating from a dangerous gas leak in her home.

Source: Fox10



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I lived in East Africa as a teenager and our 2 guard dogs protected us when our home was invaded by thieves one night. The invaders fled the 'vigorous' attack by our dogs and didn't manage to steal anything or attack us (as had happened in several local houses over the previous few weeks - one man being killed, another seriously injured).

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