6 Houseplants that Will Thrive in Your Bathroom

If your bathroom needs a makeover and you’re itching to turn it into a spa-like retreat, you needn’t look further than buying a few houseplants. There are few things in life more satisfying than taking a hot shower under a green canopy of plants. It almost makes you feel like you’re in a tropical location. And the best part: Some plants absolutely love it. Because of the moist environment in most bathrooms, plants can thrive, as long as they get a little bit of light and a little TCL every once in a while.

Here are five of the best plants for your shower area.


Ferns are a ubiquitous houseplant, and for good reason. They’re easy to please. They like the shade, so this is the best option if your bathroom doesn’t have a lot of windows. Hang them in a planter suspended from the ceiling, or display them on your floor or countertop if you have the room.

Air Plants

Air plants only need water to touch their leaves in order to survive — they absorb water through their bodies, and have no roots. As such, they are great for moist environments like the bathroom. You should still give them a proper watering from time to time, though. With air plants, that just means dipping them in a bowl of water for a few seconds. Easy peasy!

Spider Plants

Spider plants have been proven to help purify the air, and they grow well in areas with partial shade. Two nice planters with spider plants inside flanking your bathroom door can make a stunning entryway. Spider plants don’t need to be watered very often and mostly take care of themselves.

Dragon Plants

Dragon plants, or Dracaena, are another healthy addition to any household. They are known to filter out toxins such as acetone, benzene and formaldehyde, and prefer low light to bright light, making them easy to care for. Most importantly: They hate dry climates and would be very happy to live in your bathroom.


With their characteristic large leaves, these stunning plants would be the ultimate way to transform your bathroom into a lush jungle getaway. Another low-maintenance plant, Pothos doesn’t like direct sunlight, but it does require watering. Keep its soil moist and it’ll be happy to brighten up your shower space.

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