6 Simple Home Decor Tips


You don’t have to spend thousands to bring beauty home — the pleasure is in harnessing simple, everyday things to create a sense of warmth and cheer. Try these tips to please both eye and soul:

Get An Instant Bedside Table

Pile up your favorite coffee table books by the side of your bed. Place a small tray or coasters on top to keep your coffee mug. Place a shapely earthen pot beside your stack, and you’ve created a beautiful nook.

Stone and Blossoms

Use a beautiful stone birdbath as a container for potting succulent plants and bright flowers!

A Glowing Idea

Need a centerpiece for your dining table? Just place a cluster of attractive candles in varying heights in a shallow tray. The resulting glow is guaranteed to look lovely and impress guests.

Wrap up the light

Wrap a beautiful ribbon on the stem of a tall wrought iron candle holder to give it a fresh, festive look.

Invite Nature Indoors

On your walks and travels, keep an eye out for lovely, natural tidbits: an autumn leaf, a pine cone, twisted twigs, pebbles, shells…pop them into pretty glass bowls. Beauty without spending a penny!

Rearrange Your Books

Turn a boring bookshelf display into stunning by simply arranging your books according to the colors of their spine. The reds together, blues bunched with blues, and so on…

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