6 Tasty Infused Water Recipes for When You’re Sick of Lemon Water

Starting the day off with a tall glass of lemon water is pretty great. Lemon-infused water helps to balance the body’s pH, aids digestion, helps clear the skin and provides an energizing and refreshing burst of vitamin C.

But sometimes lemon water just isn’t all that enticing—in fact, it can become pretty boring after awhile. Luckily, lemon water isn’t the only plant infusion that comes with major wellness benefits.

Infused Water Recipes

Try these delicious fruit, vegetable and herbal infused water recipes that you can use interchangeably with lemon water to indulge and reap bonus health benefits while amping up your hydration game.

1. Lavender Water

Lavender is a pro at relaxation and anxiety relief. The compounds in lavender actually support healthy serotonin levels to fight anxiety. Some studies have also shown that the scent of lavender before bed can increase deep sleep.

Infuse lavender in a pitcher of water for a few hours for a stress-busting, sleep-enhancing hydrator.

2. Cinnamon Water

Cinnamon is renowned for its unique ability to balance blood sugar levels while lending a subtle sense of sweetness. It may be just what you need to fight off those sneaky, midday sugar cravings and keep up with your clean eating! Feel free to add fruit to this infusion too, if desired.

Glasses with fresh organic detox cucumber water on white wooden table

3. Cucumber Water

Cucumbers support healthy skin and connective tissue, thanks to their high silica content. They’re also rich in important nutrients, like vitamin C, vitamin B5, vitamin K, manganese, beta carotene and select antioxidants. Plus, a few crisp slices makes boring old water infinitely more refreshing.

4. Blackberry Sage Water

One study showed that people who took sage essential oil extract performed better at word recall tasks than those who didn’t, leading researchers to conclude that sage enhances memory in healthy people. So, if you’re trying to study or prep for a presentation, a little sage water might just give you the mental edge you’re looking for.

Plus, blackberries are loaded with inflammation-busting antioxidants, which is always beneficial.

Blackberry Lemonade with lavender on a vintage  background

5. Pomegranate Water

Did you know that the polyphenols in pomegranates can help protect your skin from sun damage and the inevitable wrinkles that result? The ellagic acid they contain also helps to reduce the breakdown of collagen, meaning perkier, healthier skin. If you’re looking for a beauty-boosting water, this is it.

6. Orange Rosemary Water

Studies have shown that the mere scent of rosemary can help improve memory and focus, so starting your work day of with an infusion of this powerful herb is a great idea. Plus, an infusion of orange is a great way to add a little citrus acidity without relying on more lemons.

glass of blood orange and rosemary water on gray stone

Infused Water-Making Tips

Whenever you make infused water, always use organic herbs and produce. Also make sure to consume your water at room temperature for optimum digestion. Other than that, get wild with your infusions. Better hydration and more nutrients is never a bad thing!

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Great ideas, however, I love plain filtered water.

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Hi All - Warning - If you choose cinnamon to infuse please do a computer search for side effects - It can interact with medications - I only checked out cinnamon but it is wise to checkout possible side effects of anything new to your diet - Most things that are good for us can also be bad for us - smiles

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