6 Unexpected Areas to Declutter for a Simpler Life

Right now, we live in a world of too much. Too much stimulation, too much to do and too much stuff. All this stuff disconnects us from the true meaning of our lives. And weíre left at the end of the day frazzled and discontent.

The pace of life today encourages your constant engagement. But you can step back and consciously choose how to engage. You donít need to buy more things, download more apps or take on new assignments. In fact, quite the opposite.

Your happiness and contentment rest on your ability to examine your life and release what doesn’t serve you. Here are six areas of life for you to examine and declutter if you want a simpler, more meaningful life.

1. Personal belongings

This is the first and sometimes only area people think about when it comes to decluttering. Itís a starting point. And for some, it could take a long time to sort through all your belongings. Especially if your belongings span the earth.

Itís amazing where stuff ends up. Your stuff finds its way from your home to your car, workplace, gym locker, parentís house, friendís house or neighborís house. Marie Kondo developed the†KonMarie method, which gives you a step-by-step guide to decluttering for good. It’s easy to use and applies to the other areas, too.

2. Digital sphere

Personal belongings are easy because you can see them. What you canít see is how much digital space your photos, documents, movies, music, games and apps take up.

On average, every household in North America has†13 internet-connected devices. That statistic alone should make you feel full and overloaded. Maybe you’ll toss a few electronics when you declutter your belongings, but you’ll still have digital goods to sort through.

Once you declutter your digital sphere though, you might realize you donít need a new computer after all.

3. Habits

Habits are tricky. People seek help every day in an attempt to break old habits. Some have an easier time than others. But if youíre going to succeed, you have to start with awareness. You can only stop your bad habits once youíre aware of them.

You might decide that you have bad sleeping habits. Or you wish you didnít eat so late at night. Great! Your awareness gives you the choice to stop.

One habit at a time, you release habits that no longer serve you. Then you can create healthier habits that support a more meaningful lifestyle.

4. Relationships

You might not think of relationships as fair game for decluttering. But they are.

How many times have you kept a friend around because you felt too shy to cut ties, or you didnít want to hurt her feelings? You know the person isnít any good for you. She brings drama everywhere she goes. Or he encourages you to drink too much when you go out. But you still hang out with him.

You donít need to do that. With a little bit of courage, you can consciously sever ties.

5. Beliefs

As we evolve as humans, we are often held back by invisible barriers: beliefs. What we believe dictates our experiences. When you step back in awareness you can witness your beliefs in action.

For instance, youíre in a new situation and you have to do something youíve never done beforeólike give a speech. You start to have doubts. You might even back out.

But you’ve decided to declutter. So you choose to let that doubtful thought go and trust in your ability to handle what comes your way. Now you can take action, unhindered by pesky beliefs.

Unlike physical goods, the same beliefs or thoughts have the tendency to circle back around. You have to rinse and repeat a few times before negative thought patterns are gone for good.

6. Projects or goals

Americans work hardóitís a common perception about our society because itís true. Youíre ambitious and driven. You have dreams, and you go after them. But sometimes you load up on too many projects or goals and water down your efforts.

This sets you up for failure. When you’re spread too thin you run out of steam and miss your targets.

You donít have to declutter all your goals. But for 90 days at a time, pick only one (or two).

Focus all your efforts on one goal, and reach that one goal. Then move on to the next one. Youíll hit many more targets that way.

Where before you had many goals and rarely achieved any, now youíll have one or two goals and achieve several.

Each area of life, if unobserved, can fill up with meaningless stuff. Decluttering empowers you to examine every little thing that comes into your life.†Do you want to take on the extra responsibility? Is it in alignment with your values? Does it advance your goals and efforts? Or, as Marie Kondo says, does it spark joy?

Although not easy, the process of decluttering can lead to a more meaningful and simpler life. A life on your terms.


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