6 Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy

“Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!” said Albert Einstein. An inspiring exhortation. But before we can fill our homes with smiles, we need to fill our lives with verve and good health. Some simple but essential steps in this direction can help you create a healthy, happy home. Here are some suggestions:

Have two apples a day: and I am not talking about ‘Apple’ appliances! The old saying of an apple a day has now changed to two a day. Scientists at Florida University have found that two apples can significantly reduce bad cholesterol, thus protecting you from stroke and heart attack. Get the family to enjoy apples, be it just on their own or in non-sugared cobblers. Make sure they’re organic!

Plan your daily meals: it is not always possible or easy, but worth trying to do. Before you go grocery shopping, try to chalk up a health-boosting menu—even a rough one will do—for the coming few days at least. This will help you ditch impulse buys such as cookies and chips, and shop for healthier ingredients and create a more balanced meal plan for the entire family.

Dont eat late dinners: eating a meal after sunset places a strain on the digestive system. As far as possible, eat together, and eat light at night. Not only will you sleep better, but also avoid putting on weight. Big bonus: shared meals bring you closer and promote emotional harmony.

Play! playing together helps you stay together. Besides, riddles, puzzles and brain-sharpening games can help ward off degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Encourage early bed time: and that is not just for the kids in the family. Sleeping early is perhaps one of the biggest favors you can do for yourself. It helps you wake up refreshed, balances the emotions and promotes good digestion. Stay off those late night TV shows and put away the crime thrillers that lie by your bedside. Create a peace-promoting ambience in your home post twilight.

Talk: Sharing promotes caring. In these days of online networking, it is easy to be distracted and disconnected from those who live with you and love you. It is not uncommon to see children messaging their parents from within the same house! Switch off the Internet, get off the phone, and have a cosy chat. This can go a long way in restoring emotional balance within your home.




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