6 Ways To Use The Stairs To Get in Shape Fast

You probably know that taking the stairs instead of the elevator can help you get in shape. But did you know that the stairs can help you tone muscles, improve cardiovascular health, increase bone density and much more?

If you donít have gym membership or your bodyweight workout has gotten boring, use these stair exercises to stay in shape.

1. Climbing

Climbing up and down the stairs tones the lower body and burns fat. In fact, climbing is more effective than walking or running on the treadmill. Start walking up and down the stairs for 15-20 minutes every day.

Here are a few ways to make climbing the stairs more rewarding:

  • Climbing backwards (watch your stepl!)
  • Skipping a step when climbing (my favorite)
  • Climbing fast

2. High intensity interval training (HIIT)

HIIT saves time and it can get you in shape very fast. Start at the bottom of the stairs then sprint up. When you get to the top, walk down to the starting position and then sprint again.

Wear the right footwear to avoid injury.

3. Step ups

Step ups tone the butt and leg muscles. Stand at the bottom of the stairs, step on the first step with the left leg, then bring up the right leg. Step back with the left foot, followed by the right foot. Keep alternating legs.

Stepping on the second step will make the exercise more challenging. But donít use a platform higher than your knee-height when doing step ups.

4. Push ups

Use the stairs to do incline push ups if the regular push ups are hard for you. Stand at the bottom of the stairs, place your hands on the steps and do push ups from that position. Placing your hands on higher steps will make push ups easier, and lower steps make the exercise more challenging.

You can also use the stairs to do decline push ups Ė a harder variation of the regular push ups.

5. Triceps dips

If you want to tone your arms, look no further than the stairs. Sit at the bottom of the stairs (facing away from them) and keep your feet flat on the floor. Pull your arms back and place them on the first step. Make sure the elbows are pointing backwards. Now, push through the palms to straighten the elbows and lift the butt off the floor. Then slowly bend the elbows until the butt almost touches the floor, then rise again.

Placing your feet on a chair or a bench will make this exercise more challenging.

6. Hop ups

The hop ups are great for toning the calves, thighs and the core. Start at the bottom of the stairs and keep the feet close together. Place your hands on the hips or behind the head. Lift the heels off the floor then hop up the stairs. Do one-leg hops to make the exercise challenging.

Stay away from this exercise if you have knee problems or ankle injuries.

Which other exercises have you done using the stairs?


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