6 Alternative Ways to Use Tile

A few years ago, Remodelista editor Sarah spoke with Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola at Cersaie, Italian’s largest tile convention in Bologna. She was launching a new line of tiles for Mutina and suggested using them as a headboard behind a bed.

Inspired by Urquiola’s idea, here is a roundup of unexpected uses of tile.

Above: A built-in stucco bench with a tiled seat from Made a Mano.

Above: A tiled wall serves as a headboard in this Italian house via Dezeen.

Above: The dining room of Portuguese hotel Casa do Conto features modern steel tables inlaid with traditional Portuguese tile.

Above: Inax woven tiles that extend to the ceiling are applied to a mantelpiece in a Melbourne apartment. Photograph by Sharyn Cairns for Home Life.

Above: A wall of Popham Tiles doubles as a headboard.

Above: A patio seating area made from hexagonal shapes from Kismet Tile.

See Remodelista‘s post on Patchwork Tiles for more inspiration.


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I also placed colourful tiles on the kitchen counter under my electric oven, both pretty and practical (to save the counter top). Mind you the tiles need constant re-alignment.

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Interesting options...
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interesting usage of tile

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Interesting ideas and an easy clean.

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