6 Weird Eco-Friendly Products

By Julia Austin,  Planet Green

When you think of products and devices that are harming our planet and causing pollution, a few obvious culprits come to mind; cars, factories, our cherished bottled water. There is a booming industry dedicated to finding eco-friendly solutions and alternatives to our biggest pollutants. And with every rising type of industry comes the underdog—those who are helping the cause in their unexpected, but just as crucial ways. The designers of these odd and innovative eco-friendly products are those underdogs:

Organic Coffins
Have a friend who recently passed away and was passionate about the ecosystem? Continue to respect their environmental wishes by adding an eco-friendly component to the funeral and putting them in an Ecoffin. The coffins are made from banana sheaves or bamboo, making it easier for the coffins to decompose and become a part of nature along with the bodies inside of them.

Pet Furs
Shaving animals for their warm, furry coats doesn’t just stop with sheep. Now people are keeping the fur they shave off of their cats and long-haired dogs during the summer months to spin into knitting yarn in the fall and winter. It’s said that people often look like their dogs, but this is taking it a little far.

Moss Carpets
Next time someone asks you “is that mold growing in your bathroom” you can proudly say, “well yes it is.” Sort of. Nguyen La Chanh is the creator of the moss carpet, a little patch that sits beneath your sink or bathtub and is meant to thrive and grow in that sweaty, fogged up & humid ecosystem known as your bathroom.

Pam For Your Shoes
You’ve heard of multi-tasking products for the kitchen, but those usually don’t expand outside the kitchen. Greenfibres edible shoe cream does. With all of the anxiety around chemicals in personal care products and cooking products, you can banish a few anxieties with the cream. Aside from a shoe polish, the product serves as spread for toast or bread, a substitution for cooking oil, hair conditioner and lip balm. Don’t be surprised if your dog starts licking your feet more than the unusual amount he already did.

Pollution-Sensitive Dress
Our clothing is meant to be an expression of ourselves. If you’re an eco-activist, this dress speaks your language. Designed by Stephanie Sandstrom, the dress’ fabric is intertwined with EPA sensors that can interpret the atmosphere it is in. On days when pollution is very bad, the sensors create kinks in the fabric to make the dress look as if it’s just been pulled out of the laundry basket.

Disposable Diapers
This is one of the few products that is actually cheaper in an organic form. If you think about it, the general definition for anything causing pollution is “waste.” Do the math. Babies are unconsciously contributing to our pollution problem, but they don’t have to be. And neither do new moms. Nature Babycare’s diapers are 99 percent compostable and come in disposable or reusable forms.

These are just some of hundreds of unique ways to green your life.

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Santanita G.
Santanita G6 years ago

The site for disposable diapers is awful. Not only do they not provide the price of the item you might be interested in, they dont provide an easy route of asking for the prices. You have to order the item before finding out the price. I wont do that. Not in this day of greedy people that will charge extravagant prices. Just saying.

Shania Chadha
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nice ideas

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Regina P6 years ago

Totally different

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might try this,weird and wonderful

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Akin Adelakun6 years ago

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Dana W6 years ago

I think eCoffins are a great idea, but the funeral industry makes a huge profit on all the accoutrements and arrangements involved in our final resting place. Interesting about Pam too, although since it is in an aerosol can be hard to use as a lip balm.

Rose Becke6 years ago

Love this