6 Yoga Poses to Keep You Calm and Relaxed

Cookies, ice cream, wine and coffee arenít the best ways to deal with stress and tension. Yoga is a more effective way to keep you calm and relaxed.

You see, thereís more to yoga than twisting and doing splits. Some yoga poses can relieve tension in your muscles, and mind.

Luckily, you donít have to be super-flexible to do these poses. Anyone can do them. All you need is a yoga mat and a little space.

Remember to focus your attention on breathing when doing these poses. Slowly inhale deeply through the nose and then slowly exhale through the mouth. Donít breath too fast or hold your breath.

1. Downward facing dog

Yoga Indoors: Downward Facing Dog Pose

Downward facing dog is a popular yoga pose, even people who are not into yoga are familiar with it. This pose rejuvenates the mind and stretches the entire body.

If you have tight shoulders or hamstrings, this pose can help loosen them. Stay in this pose for up to 3 minutes.

2. Childís pose

Top view of Child yoga Pose

Youíve probably seen me recommend this pose in the past. Itís excellent for relieving lower back pain.

Doing childís pose for a few minutes can†decrease your heartrate†and keep you relaxed. If you struggle with stress and depression, start doing this pose every day.

3. Bridge pose

Asian woman make yoga Bridge pose in classroom

Donít confuse this with glute bridges. When doing the bridge pose you have to keep your hips raised without lowering them.

The bridge pose stretches the legs and back, while relieving tension and stress. Doing this pose before bed can reduce anxiety and help you sleep better.

4. Corpse pose

Beautiful sporty fit yogi girl relaxes in yoga asana Savasana

Most people who practice yoga end their sessions with this pose. Staying in this pose for a few minutes, while breathing deeply, can increase your calmness and make you feel better.

Corpse pose may seem too simple but people who are not used to being still find it uncomfortable. Hold this pose for at least 3 minutes and remember to breathe deeply.

5. Legs up the wall pose

Young woman is relaxing after fitness

This pose can†help relieve swollen feet and ankles. It also helps ease anxiety and depression.

Simply lie in front of a wall and then place both legs against the wall. Place your hands on the side and hold this pose for 3 minutes.

6. Cat cow pose

Young woman in Bitilasana pose

The cat pose is great for loosening the spine and alleviating lower back pain. To perform this pose, you need to arch and round your back several times.

Get in all-fours position Ė make sure the wrist is directly below the shoulder and the knees below the hips. Arch your back then raise your head and look up as you inhale. Start to exhale as you raise the back and lower the head. Suck in your belly and raise your mid-back as high as possible.

Arch your back again and repeat this movement at least 20 times.

Do you use yoga poses to stay calm and relaxed?


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