7 Amazing Secret Swimming Holes in Europe

When the sun comes out, UK natives tend to lose the plot. They dress inappropriately and look for somewhere, anywhere, to cool off. The heat wave we’ve been hoping for has finally happened this summer, and a wild swimming craze has taken hold. Daniel Start has written a helpful series of wild swimming guides (details below), telling us of the most beautifulóand most safeóplaces to swim. Here Daniel talks us through a few of his favorite swimming holes in the UK and France.

All images via Wild Swimming Britain and Wild Swimming France.

1. Pamphill, Dorset Stour (UK) The Stour is one of Englandís iconic rural rivers. At Pamphill the river opens up in wonderful, wide meanders with a deep ford and a bridge. Float downstream for miles on the sun-dappled current as mayflies dance and fronds of water buttercup tickle your toes. Follow path upstream from small carpark outside Pamphill village, near Wimbourne Minster.

2. Faerie Pools, Glen Brittle, Isle of Skye, Scotland (UK).†Famous “Allt Coir a Mhadaidh” pools and waterfalls, tinged with pink and blue hues, set under the mystical peaks of the Black Cuillins. Crystal clear water and underwater arch to swim between pools. Shown above.

3. Grantchester Meadows, Cambridge (UK).†Take tea in Grantchester and enjoy a length of river that has changed little since Edwardian times. It was here that Rupert Brooke, Virginia Woolf, and other brilliant minds gathered to camp, picnic, and swim naked. Anywhere along the meadows is good for swimming, particularly on the outside of the bends where the river deepens, often to more than 6 foot, so just lay down your picnic blanket, pour cream on your strawberries, and soak up the by-gone atmosphere. Shown above.

4. River Dart at Newbridge (UK).†River pools and sandy bays, oak gorges, and towering tors. The River Dart is the setting for Charles Kingsleyís The Waterbabies and one of the most beautiful wild-swimming rivers in the UK. Dense woodland tumbles down the side of the moor, a light spray lifts off the water and the forest twitters with birdsong.

5. Tongue Pot, Eskdale, Lake District (UK). The Esk is a delightful mountain stream that tumbles down from England’s highest mountain peak, Scafell Pike. “Tongue Pot” is the most beautiful of the many pools. Just beneath a packhorse bridge in a rocky cleft, about an hourís walk from the road, a long emerald pool has formed beneath a waterfall at the meeting of two rivers. A white pebble beach shelves down on one side and an oak tree overhangs. Shown above.

6. The river Loue (France) is one of many rivers that emerge from huge underground springs. At Mouthier-Haute-Pierre, it still glows luminous with minerals, and is still very cold. Shown above.

7. Lac díIlay (France) is in the Jura region, a remote and empty land with countless lakes and waterfalls.. The river Loue (France) is one of many rivers that emerge from huge underground springs. At Mouthier-Haute-Pierre, it still glows luminous with minerals, and is still very cold. Shown above.

If you aren’t planning a trip across the pond anytime soon, Wild Swimming California will be published in June 2014.

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Niharika M.
Niharika M3 years ago

OMG !! The pictures are so beautiful , looks like UK has Some heavenly beauty. Someone please point that out, where in USA So I can visit there more easily ! :)

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Genoveva M M4 years ago

Nothing more beautiful than nature.
Thanks for sharing these pictures.

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looks inviting.....

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Alina Kanaski4 years ago

Those do look amazing!!

Natasha Salgado
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I'd love to take a dip in all of them! Thanks

Dale O.

There is nothing more refreshing than a delightful and invigorating swim in a cool and pristine swimming hole. Came back for another look at the cool photos. Heat wave coming tomorrow.

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Incredible pictures.....thanks for sharing!

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you forgot about wonderful alike places in Portugal

Pat P.
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Finding a spot that is lovely, uncrowded with crystal clear water is a real treasure, to be guarded with a great deal of appreciation. Although these areas exist in the U.S., so much of the water is contaminated, and really nice secluded places are hard to find.