7 Common Conditions Garlic May Help Improve

You’re missing out on many health benefits if you don’t eat garlic every day. It’s one of the most well-researched herbs, and research shows it offers plenty of health benefits.

Even before scientist started studying garlic, healers in India and China were using it to treat diseases and improve circulation. It turns out they were right all along. This study shows that garlic lowers blood pressure by widening blood vessels.

Many of us only eat garlic for the flavor, but once you discover the proven benefits below, it’ll always be the first item on your shopping list.

healing plants: (Allium sativum) Garlic - bulbs and individual cloves

1. Garlic May Lower High Blood Pressure

Did you know that about 70 percent of heart attacks, chronic heart failure and strokes are attributed to high blood pressure?

Luckily, you can use garlic to lower blood pressure. If this study is anything to go by, you may even substitute garlic for standard blood pressure meds and enjoy the same benefits. Researchers found that taking capsules of garlic extract for three months lowered blood pressure by 10 points.

You obviously don’t want to throw your meds away yet. Talk to your doctor first.

2. Garlic May Prevent Heart Disease

Taking aged garlic extract regularly may reverse early heart disease. According to a study involving 55 patients with metabolic syndrome, taking 2400mg of aged garlic extract per day lowers the risk of heart disease by reducing plaque buildup in the arteries.

You may be happy to hear about another study, if you prefer fresh garlic. Researchers from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine say that fresh garlic is better for your heart, because it contains hydrogen sulfide. A compound that can protect your heart.

Crushing garlic produces hydrogen sulfide, but it’s short-lived. It disappears when you cook, dry or process garlic.

3. Garlic May Prevent and Treat Colds

If you’ve ever brewed garlic tea to fight a cold, you were onto something. Garlic contains antioxidants that may prevent colds and other infections.

Researchers say that allicin, a compound in garlic is responsible for preventing colds. In this study, people who took garlic supplements for 12 weeks were less likely to catch a cold compared to those who took a placebo.

4. Garlic May Treat Ringworm

Despite the name, worms do not cause ringworm. It’s really a fungal infection caused by the fungus Tinea.

Many people use garlic as a remedy for ringworm, even though researchers have not confirmed its effectiveness. However, it’s worth noting that garlic has been proven effective against other types of fungi, including candida.

To make the remedy, crush garlic cloves, then mix them with olive oil or coconut oil and apply the paste on the affected area. Leave it for two hours before washing it off.

5. Garlic May Improve Diabetes

Garlic is beneficial to diabetics in so many ways. It improves circulation, regulates blood sugar levels and reduces LDL cholesterol.

According to this animal study, garlic can improve the overall health of diabetics. Add it to your diet by cooking with it, eating it fresh, using garlic oil, drinking garlic tea or taking garlic supplements.

6. Garlic May Help Prevent Cancer

The National Cancer Institute doesn’t recommend taking dietary supplements to prevent cancer, but it does acknowledge that garlic has anticancer properties.

A French study involving 345 cancer patients concluded that increasing the intake of garlic, onions, and fiber helped lower the risk of breast cancer.

7. Garlic May Improve Alzheimers Symptoms

Alzheimer’s has no cure, and what’s worse is drugs fail to prevent disease progression. But it seems aged garlic extract may help fight Alzheimer’s, thanks to its antioxidants and plaque-lowering properties.

Researchers even believe that “aged garlic extract can be utilized in future drug development in Alzheimer’s disease”.

Do you know other conditions you can improve with garlic or garlic supplements?

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