7 Compelling Reasons to Try Solo Camping

Itís always fun to get a group together for a few nights in the woods, and it can be just as fun to go solo camping. After you†move past your fears of being alone and push past other peopleís fear of you being alone, youíll discover some really rad benefits of solo camping.

Benefits of Solo Camping

1) Develop Resourcefulness

Resourcefulness means that youíre able to overcome difficulties in a quick and clever way.†It benefits you in many ways, and solo camping can help you hone this skill.

When you find yourself missing an item or something breaks, you can give yourself the time and space to think about what you can do to solve the problem. Maybe you MacGyver a new tool or contraption to get the job done. Or you decide to reach out to a neighboring camper for help.

Resourcefulness allows you to develop a deep understanding of your unique strengths and abilities. And it encourages you to face fears and self-doubts.

Instead of buying into the belief “I canít do this,” you turn to yourself first. You have to. You try everything you can think of first – and then you call for help, if needed. If you struggle to face challenges on a day-to-day basis, then solo camping is the perfect place to practice this skill.

2) An Opportunity for Self-Reflection

In our media-saturated society, itís rare that you get time to just be with yourself, unless youíre a unique snowflake who takes time out of your day to intentionally do so already. If you don’t, then solo camping gives you the perfect opportunity for self-reflection. You get a whole day or two or more to be with yourself.

For some, this is scary. What will come up? What do you do with it?

With a little love and compassion, you can honor your weaknesses and your strengths. You can challenge unhealthy or old beliefs. You can re-write your story. You can contemplate your life purpose or merely care for your aching heart. Or you can foster feelings of deep joy and love. These moments are precious and necessary for a healthy relationship with self.

After you move past your fears of being alone and push past other peopleís fear of you being alone, youíll discover some really rad benefits of solo camping.

3) Provides Stress Relief

Okay, you may be questioning this one. For you, maybe it will cause a little stress to be out in the woods all alone. But once you get past these fears, youíll have moments of being utterly present with nature, life, and yourself.

Itís in these moments that your stress melts away. You breathe deeply, soak up the sunshine and listen to the sounds of nature. Many studies have shown the deeply relaxing power of nature. Youíll be grateful anytime you can get yourself outside for that powerful stress relief.

4) Boosts Confidence

Overcoming your fears and self-doubts gives you a direct experience of your powers and abilities. When you successfully solo camp, you squash fears about being alone, your ability to set up a camp and provide for yourself, your ability to protect yourself, your navigation skills and much more.

As you jump each hurdle, your confidence grows exponentially. You get a big boost to your self-esteem. Now you know you can do it. It alters your beliefs about yourself, and youíll be a different person from that point forward.

5) Go at Your Own Pace

If it has been awhile since youíve spent time alone, then going at your own pace will be completely foreign to you. You may be used to doing what your kids want or yielding to friends or your partner. When youíre solo camping thereís no one to yield to but yourself.

At first, itíll feel strange. Youíll question: well, what do I do now? But youíll soon get into the swing of things. And itíll feel so good to get up when you want, take a walk when you want, and eat whenever you want. You decide. How refreshing.

6) A Greater Connection with Nature

Mother Natureís ancient roots have something to teach you. As you sink into the rhythm of solo camping, youíll also sink into natureís rhythm.

The sunrise and the chirping birds will wake you up. The encroaching darkness beckons you to sleep. The soft breezes and sweet fragrances of the woods call you to hike, wander, and explore. An instinctual way of being will be drawn out of you.

Itíll feel so natural that getting back to the real world may even be turbulent at first, because the two are so far apart at times. Our society turns a cold shoulder to nature with our constant light and sounds, 24-hour news cycle, and screens that pull us into virtual realities.

Your time in nature makes the contrast greater, which can be unsettling for some. For others, itís empowering. It shows you the difference between whatís real and natural and whatís not. And from that place, you can choose to live your life in sync or not.

7) No Distractions

Absolutely none. No phone calls, emails, or texts, unless you’re on your phone and within service range. And if thatís the case, then turn off your phone, so you can solo camp distraction free. No children, partners, boss, co-workers, †friends, family, or neighbors making requests of your time and energy. No TV, radio, or Internet hijacking your mind.

If you have an unhealthy relationship with any of these daily elements, then solo camping brings you to a space of no distractions. It’s a space where you can evaluate your relationships and redesign your life. You can be 100 percent present with yourself. And thatís just beautiful.

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Marie W
Marie W4 months ago

Thank you for caring and sharing

fotini horbou4 months ago

It's dangerous!

Mike R
Mike R8 months ago


Biz M
Past Member 9 months ago

many thanks noted

Christine Stewart
Christine Stewart9 months ago

thanks for the article. But as a small woman, I would at least take a dog with me. I'm not worried about wildlife, I am worried about 2 legged predators!

Lesa D
Past Member 9 months ago

thank you Paula...

Julia S
Julia S10 months ago

Agree with Richard about the buddy system.

Julia S
Julia S10 months ago

Thank you!

Richard A
Richard A10 months ago

While it may seem exciting and courageous to attempt solo camping, safety concerns dictate that camping in pairs is much better, especially if that thing that breaks is one of your bones.
Having to MacGyver a splint and hobble back to civilization may be an impossible task to complete.
The buddy system is much better. You can still have all of the quiet time and alone time that you may desire; Just agree to do so.

Renata B
Renata B10 months ago

Too dangerous. For a woman at least.