7 Ways to Reuse Old Sweaters

Did you accidentally put your favorite sweater in the dryer? Or maybe you’ve got a collection of ugly Christmas sweaters that you can’t bear to part with. If you’ve got old sweaters that are shrunken, stained, torn, or otherwise unwearable, there are lots of crafty ways to breathe new life into those old knits!

1. Potluck Dish Cozy

Over at Craftzine, you can learn how to turn a couple of those sweaters you accidentally shrunk into a cute, handy potluck dish cozy.

>>Next: Turn an adult sweater into child’s leggings.

sweater material

2. Child’s Leggings

Julie at Crafting a Green World shows you how to transform one of your unloved sweaters into an adorable pair of leggings for your wee one!

>>Next: Make a felted sweater scarf.

3. Felted Sweater Scarf

This is another great way to give a shrunken sweater a new life. Threadbanger’s video tutorial walks you through felting your sweater, if you haven’t accidentally done so already, and how to turn it into a sweet little scarf.

>>Next: Turn an old sweater into new mittens.

sweater mittens

4. Recycled Sweater Mittens

This excellent Craft Bits tutorial shows you how to make a pair of mittens from an unwearable sweater.

>>Next: Sew a sweater snake.

sweater arm

5. Sweater Snake

Got a bunch of sweaters laying around? Whip yourself up a sweater snake with this handy Instructable that calls for several sweaters!

>>Next: Make a child’s hat and legwarmer set.

6. Child’s Hat and Legwarmer Set

GiannyL shows you how to quickly create a matching hat and pair of legwarmers from one adult sweater. If you don’t want the ties at the top, you can always sew in elastic instead.

>>Next: Old sweater to new yarn.

ball of yarn

7. Reclaim Your Sweater’s Yarn

Do you knit or crochet? Here at Care2, Ronnie Citron-Fink can show you how to harvest yarn from an old sweater that you can turn into anything you like!

Have you done any fun, recycled sweater crafts? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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Image Credits:
Sweater. Creative Commons photo by Mr. T in DC
Sweater Material. Creative Commons photo by Clearly Ambiguous
Sweater Mittens. Creative Commons photo by simple up
Sweater Arm. Creative Commons photo by Mr. T in DC
Ball of Yarn. Creative Commons photo by mikemol


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Thank you.

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Good ideas thanks for sharing

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If you have a serger you can make lots of things by sewing knitted pieces together.
Many store bought sweaters cannot be unravelled because they are cut from a large fabric and consist of short ends of thread.
If it is real wool you can wash it very hot and use the felted fabric for something.

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I saw some boot sweaters in a catalog that were rather expensive. I sure a sweater could be used to make a pair.

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The mittens are the one I would be most likely to try. Thanks for the ideas.