7 Creative Reuses for Socks

Have some extra socks lying around not getting much use? Pain reliever, pet toy and hair curler are just some of the alternative roles socks can play. Scroll through for seven creative transformations.

Transformation #1 — Pain Reliever

Stuff some rice in an old sock, put it in the microwave for a minute, and use to soothe an ache. Or lay it on your neck for some extra warmth on a cold night.

Transformation #2 — Hair Curler

Skip the hair-damaging heat and electrical costs of a curling iron and turn instead to a sock! Amazingly, the latter option can create some very pretty curls. This video may Ö knock your socks off.

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Transformation #3 — Paper Weight

What do you get when you put a sock over a rock? A cute, decorative paperweight! Find instructions here.

(Image credit: http://cfabbridesigns.com/blog/?p=4229)

Transformation #4 — Rag

There’s no better feeling than having a clean house (with non-toxic ingredients, of course). For the icing on the sustainable-cleaning cake, put some vinegar or tea-tree oil solution on recycled sock-rags.

Transformation #5 — Pet Toy

Want a simple, cheap toy your cat will instantly love? Fill an old sock with cat nip and tie it in a knot.

Transformation #6 — Skin Soother

Grind up one to two cups of oatmeal, put in sock and tie in a knot. Hold the sock/oatmeal ball under running bath water, then leave in the tub to soak with you. Oatmeal baths can help treat dry skin, sun-burn, poison oak or poison ivy.

Transformation #7 — Wrist Warmer

Have a pair of comfy socks with a big whole in the toe? No fear. Cut the toe portion off the socks use as wrist warmers! Find instructions here.

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Roberto M
Roberto MARINIabout a month ago

very interesting thanks

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GGmaSAway D4 years ago

Thanks for the ideas...I usually use them for rags.

Nancy Cornett
Nancy Jo Cornett5 years ago

Thanks. I really like that wrist warmer idea.

Michele Wilkinson

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irene fernandez
irene Fernandez5 years ago

The sock bun is totally true, woke up with beautiful curls =)

irene fernandez
irene Fernandez5 years ago

I actually made wrist warmers from a cute pair I had that got worn down, I love ´em

Elisabeth T.
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Great ideas, thank you...

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