7 Creative Ways to Stay Active This Fall

One of the major downsides to the end of summer and the arrival of fall is that exercise sometimes gets put on the back burner as we get back to our regular routines for work, school and other activities that start up again. Colder weather and darker days also give us an excuse to stay indoors more.

While a gym membership or few workout DVDs to use at home are certainly useful for staying active throughout the colder seasons, some of these more traditional forms of exercise become a bit dull after a while if there’s not enough variety. Getting creative with what the fall season has to offer might just be the key to helping you stay active and avoid falling into a cold weather slump.

Take advantage of the changing fall colors by engaging in ”forest bathing.”

Forest bathing is a Japanese form of healing therapy that simply involves mindful, leisurely walking through a forest setting. Research has shown that forest bathing reduces stress and lowers blood pressure, among other health benefits. If you’re lucky enough to live in region where the leaves turn bright colors during this time of year, these next few weeks couldn’t be more of a perfect time to get out there and walk through a park or wooded area.

Clean up the yard to prepare for colder weather and the next growing season.

With cooler weather now setting in, working up a sweat outside isn’t nearly as uncomfortable as it is in the summer. Now is the time to rake those leaves, put away the patio furniture, protect any delicate plants or trees from the frost, trim dead limbs, plant new shrubs, mulch young plants and do anything else that needs to be done before the snow covers everything up. Just remember to wear warm but breathable fabrics, take breaks to avoid sweating too much and hydrate regularly. Sunscreen is also a must, even if it’s cold and overcast!

Do some fall cleaning around the house.

Just like spring cleaning, fall cleaning is just as important, and this is a great way to get active on rainy fall days when getting active outdoors isn’t really an option. Since you’ll probably be spending more time indoors during the fall and winter, making sure your home is weatherproofed is a must. Besides decluttering and deep-cleaning every room, make sure you replace the furnace filter, sweep the chimney if you have a fireplace and check the weatherstripping/caulking around doors and windows.

Go apple and/or pumpkin picking.

Local apple orchards and pumpkin patches provide a great opportunity for you to get moving and take advantage of some of the healthy seasonal produce. There’s nothing more rewarding than picking your own apples right off the tree or the best looking pumpkins right off the vine to take home with you.

Research fall festivals in your local area that have fun family activities.

Many local areas put on fall-themed fairs and festivals for residents looking to get out and enjoy the season. You’ll often see vendors selling farm fresh produce/baked goods/handmade items, petting zoos, corn mazes, hay rides, crafts and fun games to play. Seasonal fairs and festivals like these are great for the whole family — especially if you have kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews.

Walk around the mall and get your holiday shopping done early.

Yikes, holiday shopping already? It’s not unheard of — and it’s actually a great idea to get it done months ahead of time if you prefer to do your shopping in person rather than online, but can’t stand the crowds. This is another great way to stay active in the fall when the weather isn’t exactly cooperating. Get to a mall or shopping center and aim to get at least 10,000 steps in while you shop!

Make a habit out of moving your body while watching your favorite fall TV shows.

Fall is the time of year when everyone’s favorite TV shows start up again for another season and new ones are aired for the first time, which can be temping enough to make us stay on the couch for hours. To avoid being too sedentary this fall, try to do some light or moderate-level exercise while you watch. If you can’t plant a treadmill in front of your television, try doing some squats, lunges, stretching or bicep curls with a couple of soup cans.

With these ideas, you’ll never run out of ways to stay active this fall. Remember that it doesn’t have to feel like exercise to be exercise, and light movement throughout the whole day is more beneficial than going hard for an hour at the gym while sitting on your butt for the rest of the day!

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Forest bathing sounds divine.

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thankyou for sharing :) :) xx

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My Fall exercise involves lots of raking. My Winter exercise involves lots of snow shoveling. My Spring and Summer exercise is lots of flower gardening and mowing the yard! :)

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