7 Delicious Ways to Eat More Maca

Do you eat maca? Try these delicious maca recipes to make the most of this powerful superfood.

There is so much to love about maca! This tasty herb is lovely in smoothies, energy bites and dessert recipes. On top of being delicious, there’s evidence that maca may helpbalance your hormones and have some antidepressant effects.

Do you eat maca? Try these delicious maca recipes to make the most of this powerful superfood.

Finding and Choosing Maca

You can usually find two forms of maca: raw or “gelatinized.” You might instinctively want to reach for raw maca, since it sounds healthier, but wait!Gelatinized maca is actually easier on your stomach, and there is no gelatin involved in this process. To gelatinize maca, it’s simply boiled or roasted.

Maca is getting more popular by the day, so some regular grocery stores stock maca in the supplements section. You can also find it at natural food stores.

A bag of maca can be pricey, but it also lasts a long time. Just ateaspoon or two of this superfood goes a long way. As you’ll see in the maca recipes below,it doesn’t take much maca to get the flavor and benefit.

Maca Recipes

Macha Mocha Drink

1.Healthy Ice Blended Mocha Java

This frosty coffee alternative is packed with superfood power and a delicious way to start your day. It also makes a perfect afternoon pick-me-up when you’re craving something sweet.

Maca Truffles from My Darling Vegan

2. Raw Chocolate Maca Truffles

Snack time just got epic. These vegan truffles contain no refined sugar. They’re a dessert that you can eat as a snack or even for breakfast.

Maca Energy Balls from Vibrant Wellness Journal

3. Maca Energy Balls

These are an even simple one-bite maca treat. Maca is the only fancy ingredient in this power-packed maca recipe. They’re great to have on hand for when you’re craving something sweet.

Maca Stuffed Mushrooms from Contentedness Cooking

4. Superfood Stuffed Mushrooms

There’s maca in those mushrooms! Chances are, you’re used to seeing maca in sweet recipes, but this savory maca appetizer is a delicious way to sneak some superfood action into your next party spread.

Maca Granola Bars from Trinity's Kitchen

5. Malty Maca Granola Bars

Maca brings a malty taste and a nutritional boost to these date-sweetened granola bars. Keep them handy for breakfasts and snacks on the go!

Maca Smoothie from Wallflower Kitchen

6. Maca-Cinnamon Smoothie

Tossing some maca powder into a smoothie is the quickest way to add this super herb to your day. This smoothie is a great macarecipe to help you get the hang of sneaking some maca into your morning.

Chocolate Maca Tart from Go Dairy Free

7. Raw Chocolate Superfood Tart

Not only does this rawdessert sneak in a little bit of maca power, it tates decadently delicious! Keep this recipe in your pocket for your next dinner party. No one even needs to know that it’s sneakily much healthier than a traditional cake or tart.

Featured images via Thinkstock. All other images via recipe authors, used with permission.


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