7 Foods That Have More Vitamin C Than an Orange

When you think of vitamin C, your mind probably goes immediately to oranges. But there are actually a multitude of other fruits and vegetables that clock in a much more remarkable amount.

While the average orange carries a solid 70 mg or so of vitamin C per piece of fruit (just over the recommended daily value of 60 mg), every single one of the other 12 on this list contains more per serving.

Stock your fridge with these yummy options instead, and reap the benefits!

Bell Peppers

Besides being a great source of fiber, bell peppers contain nearly triple the vitamin C of an orange. Really want to get the most bang for your buck? Yellow bell peppers carry an incredible 341 mg of vitamin C; plus, they’re beyond delicious!


These sweet little morsels contain 85 mg per serving, compared to the 70 mg in an orange. But make sure you buy them organic! The Environmental Working Group (EWG) just named conventionally-grown strawberries as the most pesticide-laden produce item around.


A single cup of broccoli florets contains 81 mg of vitamin C — well above the recommended daily amount. Cruciferous and packed with vitamin K, which promotes bone health and blood clotting, broccoli is always a win for the fridge and your tummy.


Fresh, juicy and packed with health benefits, pineapple contains 79 mg of vitamin C per cup. It also contains powerful amounts of bromelain, an enzyme which is thought to aid in protein digestion. All good things!


One of the most vitamin C-rich foods on this list, the tropical mango contains a whopping 122 mg of vitamin C as well as a cocktail of additional antioxidants. Struggling to keep them perfectly ripe? Frozen mango will work just as well!


One serving of kiwi (approximately two kiwis) boasts more than twice the vitamin C content in the average orange. But even more impressive is how much more this tiny fruit contains. Rich in copper, potassium and serotonin (yes, serotonin), kiwis should be a staple in your fruit basket.


Kohlrabi may look alien, but it packs 133 mg of vitamin C per serving and even possesses cancer-fighting properties! Serve as a sauté, eat raw or prep them with a spiralizer for a fun noodle alternative! Find more inspiration here.

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