7 Fun & Natural Autumn Decor Ideas

Gourds, twigs, apples, acorns — the harvest season is here. But put your wallet away. Ditch the store-bought hangings, artificially scented candles, and plastic maple wreaths. There are cheaper, more natural ways of decorating your house for the season. Everything you need to brighten up your quarters lies within or just outside your front door. If you want to get a little resourceful and creative, here are some great ideas for decorating your house with bits of autumn!

Light some candles. Candles make great decorations, and the beeswax variety even purifies your air. Try hand dipping your own tapers as a fun afternoon experiment, or pour melted wax and a wick into acorn caps to make teensy, super adorable floating tea lights. If you have some old candles hanging around, recycled mason jars are a great way to hang some flickering festivity around the house in eco-friendly style.

If you are more daring, try scenting your own candles. Most autumn-scented candles are highly artificial and a bit nauseating. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to uniquely scent your own candles with various combinations of your favorite scents. Simply add a few drops of the essential oils of your choice into melted soy or beeswax and (carefully) pour into prepared mason jars or other heatproof containers. Experiment — mix and match to see what you like! Great autumn scents include cinnamon, clove, balsam, cedar, juniper, vanilla, cardamom, nutmeg, sandalwood, and bergamot to start. You’ll soon notice how soothing this autumn aromatherapy is in comparison to overbearing artificial fragrances.

Hoard your gourds. Everyone usually has a goliath pumpkin or two hanging out on their front step, but who doesn’t love miniature gourds? Pop some atop old candle holders for a podium display, stack a few with walnuts in glass vases, arrange others in a bowl, and assemble the rest into a wreath. Other great foods to display alongside are pomegranates, nuts, artichokes, whole spices, apples, and pies — if they can even make it to the table, that is.

Display handcrafted treats. These may not be found in nature, but treats are an easy decoration that will probably make an appearance in your house. If you are baking up a storm for the incoming sweets season, why not let all of your hard work take on double duty? With a beautiful glass display, an eye-dazzling trifecta of fresh baked goods can make any home feel, and smell, a little more cozy.

Put a twig on it. Grab a hot glue gun and some smooth, prepared twigs. Now do some damage. Adhere twigs around an old boring vase lined with burlap to give it an autumnal theme. Display cattails in the vases, or even color block some leaves so they gradually fade from yellow to red in an ombre effect. Attach twigs to an old picture frame in interesting geometric patterns. You can even go freestyle by making avant garde twig art on your wall or mantel! If it is looking bland and unseasonal, put a twig on it.

Make natural garlands. Garlands aren’t just for the winter holidays, nor are wreaths. A well-crafted, natural garland can reinvigorate any room for the season. Try painting fallen leaves with rich metallic paint or in orange-red hues to reflect the season. Or, find some really spectacular leaves and keep them au naturale.  Attach them along a natural roping material, and hang. Easy and festive!

Painted pine cones are also a great idea. This is a fun project for kids and adults alike. There are a few different ways to go about it, but the most appealing is to simply dip 2/3 of the cone into the paint color of your choosing. Not into rainbow colors? Try metallic copper to really make that autumn magic sparkle. String them along some natural roping, or display them strategically throughout the house like autumn Easter eggs!

Make natural wreaths. What more traditional decoration could there be? Wreath-making is very simple, once you know how to do it. You can use anything from your local environment to craft a wreath for the season. You could try a small gourd wreath, or simply use collected twigs and leaves. Some additional decor options include wintergreen, maple leaves, acorns, walnuts, hickory nuts, seasonal fruits, pine cones, gourds, and evergreen boughs. Of course, you are always free to add little dabs of color and light here and there, or you can just let nature do the talking. A wreath of your own making will only make your front door appear more inviting as the season for cozy mugs of mulled cider ensues.

Yarn bomb. This one takes significantly more skill, but it makes a great conversation starter. If you are a knitter, try yarn bombing one thing in your house — a bannister, doorknob, the sides of your stool, or even the small tree in your front yard. Even if you aren’t a master knitter, nothing says fall quite like a ball of natural yarn on the table and a fresh knitting project.

There are so many ways to decorate for the season. Have more fun and exhibit your immense creativity by making your own decorations with local items. You’ll get into the spirit, kids will love it, and you won’t have paid an arm and a leg for low-quality plastic decor. Better for the environment, better for you.

What autumnal decor traditions do you enjoy?

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Good ideas!

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Completely agree about using the natural scents. Some of those artificial ones are disgusting! Use real scents and you will be rewarded with a gorgeous aroma.

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Treasure our environment by means of making effective use of what she's given us

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