7 Handy Helpers for Tired Feet

“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.”

–Leonardo da Vinci

But in all the running around we do, feet are easily forgotten, until they are forced to demand some TLC. With these simple ingredients at hand, you’ll find it easy to lavish care and pampering on your feet.

  • Lavender and peppermint oil: lavender has a soothing effect, while peppermint cools and refreshes feet. I came across a wonderful tip on how to use peppermint to soothe aching feet: Peppermint Ice Cubes
  • Epsom salts: they are proven to relax tight muscles, and make your feet smell good, too.
  • A sprig of rosemary: float this in a pan of warm water. The herb is popular as a spa aid for aching feet.
  • A good quality moisturizer/lotion containing a natural emollientócocoa butter is ideal. Feet need as much attention as your hands! A nightly massage with cocoa butter or coconut oil, followed by sliding your feet into comfy socks will keep them looking young and feeling happy.
  • Pebbles, a tennis ball or a rolling pin over which you slide your feet back and forth (Iíve used a chilled water bottle and soda can with good results, too!) Very relaxing.
  • Shoes that are comfortable as a hug.
  • Good quality cotton socks.

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Dale Overall

Splendid. After a two hour walk by the river observing Nature, the majestic trees covered in fascinating barks of various textures, the calling loons, turtles and singing frogs there is nothing better than a cooling foot soak with fresh peppermint leaves and lovely lavender!

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