7 Healthy Travel Tips from a Spa Therapist

Spa Consultant and Healer Megha Dinesh has worked with the Oberoi, Taj Group and Park Hotels in India. Trained in Hypnosis, Past Life Regression and Reiki, she also practices Emotional Freedom Techniques and Craniosacral Therapy.


Here are some wonderful tips from her to help you travel well.

If your digestion is all haywire from your travels, a light decoction of ginger and basil in the morning is very calming for the digestive system. Add a little honey for extra comfort.

To keep your digestive system working smoothly throughout your trip, drink plenty of fluid–warm water sipped at regular intervals helps flush toxins away. Carry sachets of herbal tea, which has antioxidant benefits to keep you well.

Taking off on a long-haul flight? Drink a few glasses of lemon water/tender coconut water a day prior to your flight. Avoid excess of sugar and caffeine. Camomile tea is very relaxing. You can rub a blend of neroli, lavender and geranium on the palms or soles of feet. Besides a pleasant, refreshing aroma, it helps in combating jet lag and fatigue. Finally, wear and carry loose, comfortable natural fibre clothing.

If you are an anxious traveller, remember: it’s not about the number of places you visit but the time you spend in them. Eat all you want, but respect the limits of your body. Always travel with a basic medical kit. Last but not the least, remember that “Travel is the only thing you buy which makes you rich…”

One important item in my travel kit is Frankincense essential oil. It protects you from colds and coughs, and keeps you calm all through.

Post-travel spa therapy can be very restorative. I recommend skin cleansing sessions that include a Sea Salt Scrub and a Rehydrating Wrap. Deep cleansing Facials and a Lymphatic  Drainage Massage are wonderfully relaxing, too.

Nature reflects life. Wherever I go, from barren hilly mountains to snow-covered peaks and lush greenery, from desert to gushing streams of crystal clear water, I am reminded of the rhythms of our life: there are tough times as well as plenty of opportunities and when we learn to enjoy, they all fit so well, making the entire journey beautiful.



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