7 Immune-Boosting Habits to Practice Every Day

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to see the signs of ”cold and flu season” all around me – pink noses, itchy eyes, and coughing in the back row of the theatre. The sniffles have made their entrance! So buy a pile of vitamin-C-rich grapefruit and whip up a nice big pot of vegan noodle soup, because it’s time to kick our bodies into high gear with these immune-boosting habits.

7 Immune-Boosting Habits

1) Wash your hands regularly. I mean it.

This is the kind of habit most of us learned as a kid but don’t do as much as we should. Wash your hands with soap often (for at least 30 seconds each time), before every meal and after interacting with groups of people.

2) Work ginger into your morning smoothie.

Ginger root has been used to treat the common cold and alleviate flu symptoms for centuries. It helps the body fight off infection, inhibit growth of many different types of bacteria, and can even relieve short-term nausea.

Try adding freshly-grated ginger to a breakfast smoothie, mix it into stir fry, or simply enjoy it as a tea before bed.

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3) Make eating cruciferous veggies a priority.

Those bright, leafy greens are your friend! Make sure you enjoy at least two servings of healthy cruciferous vegetables (like kale or brussels sprouts) each day; and eat them raw or steamed so you keep the nutrient systems intact.

Need some inspiration? Try these delicious broccoli recipes!

4) Drink water like a football player.

Don’t you wish you had a buddy to make sure you have enough water in your system at all times? If you’re a normal human being, odds are you just aren’t getting enough water each day. Aim for 8 cups a day and stay hydrated!

Try this free app to help you track your daily water intake!

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5) Get a good night’s sleep.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. Most adults require anywhere between 6 and 10 hours of restorative sleep each night. What you need depends on your age, health and activity levels, so pay attention to what you’re body’s telling you and respond accordingly.

6) Avoid excessive amounts of caffeine.

I’m all for a nice, hot cup of coffee in the morning, but drinking or consuming too much caffeine can actually weaken your body’s ability to defend against germs, and can dehydrate you if you aren’t careful. Keep it light!

7 Immune-Boosting Habits You Can Do Regularly

7) Exercise regularly. It’ll work wonders!

Regular exercise is one of the best things you can do to keep your body healthy and energized. It may take a while to get comfortable in the gym, but I promise you, the benefits are so worth it!

What are your go-to strategies for beating cold and flu season? Share your genius in the comments!

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Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill1 months ago


Philippa P
Philippa Powers3 months ago

Good info! Thanks.

Edith B
Edith B3 months ago

I am good at four out of seven !

Kelsey S
Kelsey S3 months ago


Julie W
Julie W3 months ago

Much of your immune system is in your gut, so make sure you get god probiotics. You can take/make Kim Chi, sauerkraut, milk or water kefir, or buy a good quality capsule.

Harsha V
Harsha Vardhana3 months ago

Thanks for simple and practical tips.

Chad A
Chad Anderson3 months ago

Thank you!

Yan Yan
Yan Yan3 months ago

One way to also boost your immune system is to do intermittent fasting (IF). It helps to flush away worn out white blood cells during the fasting period and replenishes it with new, stronger ones.

Cindy M. D
Cindy M. D3 months ago

Great article - TYFS! I'm adding a number 8 - Keep a positive attitude. Happy and healthy reaffirming thoughts will keep the doctor away!

Winn A
Winn A3 months ago