7 Instant Benefits of Exercise

Starting a new exercise routine can be daunting, and the long-term benefits can often seem too far off to motivate us to give up an extra hour of sleep in favor of hitting the gym. But luckily, there’s plenty of instant gratification to be had when you work out. Need some motivation? Keep reading for seven ways your workout will benefit you immediately.


It’ll boost creativity.

A thirty-minute aerobic workout can increase your creativity for up to two hours post-exercise, according to one study. Want to supercharge the effects? Take that workout outside—spending time in nature boosts the cognitive benefits.


It’ll improve your mood.

Runner’s high is real—and you don’t need to be fast to experience it. In a study of college students jogging at low, medium, and high intensities, all reported  feeling better after exercising, regardless of intensity.


It’ll boost your metabolism.

Whether you lift weights or prefer cardio, exercise boosts your metabolism within minutes—and it keeps going even after you’ve finished your workout, helping you burn more calories long after your cool down.


It’ll improve your skin.

It may take a few weeks of exercise before you start seeing improvements to your abs, but the effects on your skin are immediate. Exercise increases your body temperature, boosting blood flow to your skin and giving you that healthy glow.


It’ll help you at work.

Big meeting? Fit a short workout into your morning. One study found that participants who completed 15 minutes of stationary cycling had faster reaction times on working memory tasks, possibly because intense bursts of cardio make make your attentional and memory resources more efficient.


It’ll boost your productivity.

Another way more time at the gym can improve your time at the office? The boost in productivity—one study found that replaced two and half work hours a week with exercise increased employees’ self-rated productivity and decreased sick days.


It’ll lower your blood pressure.

Just one workout can lower your blood pressure for up to 16 hours. And over time, exercise can be just as effective as some medications for lowering blood pressure.

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