7 Life Lessons for Reaching Your Full Potential

Too few of us are living up to our full potential. We go through the motions spending the majority of our days on autopilot. But spending our days mindlessly checking off a to-do isnít going to get us the life of our dreams. Iíve learned that firsthand. After I broke the mold and determined what I truly desired, I was able to create a life that even my dreams couldnít contain. Here is what I learned along my journey to creating my authentic life.

You have the answers
Not your parents. Not your friends. Not your boss. You. Many of us believe that something is better outside ourselves than within our own intuitive nature. When did we start trusting these outside sources instead of our own intuition? Itís time to get back to what we already know.

You create your reality
Many of us carry around a lot of shame, blame, judgment and guilt about the life we live or the things weíve done. Those negative scripts have shaped our current reality. When we start to take responsibility for your life, you begin to heal. And when the healing process begins, youíll start to plant seeds for your desired future. Accept that you are responsible for your life, and work towards living a life that you enjoy.

Youíre good enough right now
Whatís different from you right now and 10 pounds from now? Or a new job from now? A change in a marital status from now? The authentic version you are is exactly as it should be. You have unique talents that no one in the world has; you just have to exploit them. Give yourself permission to do what your soul is meant to do on this earth.

There is no glass ceiling
Itís only our perception. Others will impose limits on your abilities, and you may even do it to yourself. The question is, are you going to listen to the negativity or listen to your gut? Remember, you are in charge of your life…..Read Julie’s remaining 3 lessons on InspireMeToday.com!

On a mission to financially heal the world, Julie Murphy Casserly is a certified financial planner and the author of The Emotion Behind Money.

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