7 Mood-Improving Foods

We medicate our bodies three times a day with the foods we eat. The cleaner your diet, the better you feel. If you choose high quality whole foods you’re less likely to endure the ups and downs of a high sugar, high fat diet. But beyond choosing healthy foods, we can make marked changes in our moods with the foods we eat. From too much caffeine to not enough whole grains, your diet impacts your mood.

Feeling angry or maybe a bit blue? Or maybe you’re over stressed and under nourished. Change your diet and change your life. It’s that simple and we’ve got the mood foods that give you the most bang for your buck.

1. Feeling Sad?

Your diet can make you depressed or just the opposite. Magnesium is a mineral that’s known for producing serotonin, the body’s feel good medicine. Good sources of magnesium include halibut, almonds, cashews, unprocessed peanut butter, spinach, black eyed peas, lentils, kidney and pinto beans, baked potatoes, and long grain brown rice. Bananas also aid the release of serotonin.

2. Anger Taking Over?

If you’re feeling mad, it’s more about avoiding certain foods. Spicy peppers heat the body up and if you’re already heated, you don’t need anything else to help fuel the flame. Additionally, the main allergic response to wheat and casein in milk products can be brain inflammation, which causes hostility according to BeWellBuzz.

3. Stressed at Work?

Blueberries can help relieve stress. The tiny berry is loaded with vitamin C, which is a stress reducer. Almonds also reduce stress with vitamins and minerals like vitamin B2, vitamin E, magnesium, and zinc.

No-Bake Fresh Blueberry Pie
Blueberry Tart with Lemony Crust

4. Feeling Restless?

Cottage cheese contains tryptophan, a sleep inducing amino acid that relaxes the entire body and mind. If you don’t do dairy you can also find tryptophan in soy milk, tofu, hummus, and lentils. Sesame seeds are rich in trytophan but they’re also high in carbohydrates with a medium protein content, perfect for before bedtime.

Baked Mac and Cheese
Simple Organic Ricotta Cheese Substitute

5. Lacking Clarity?

Rachel wrote that blueberries, strawberries, and acai berries “activate the brain’s natural ‘housekeeper’ mechanism, which cleans up and recycles toxic proteins linked to age-related memory loss and other mental decline.”

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6. Too Bloated?

Michelle Schoffro Cook wrote that dark leafy greens help deflate us after we’ve overindulged and put on a few pounds. “They fuel your liver, which is your body’s fat burning machine.” No matter how many local, organic greens you’re currently eating, consider eating more because these guys are also loaded with antioxidants and fiber.

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7. Feeling Exhausted?

You may be short of B12. Though this is certainly true of everyone, a deficiency in B12 is more common in vegans because B12 is found in animal products. If you’re feeling really tired and rundown, you might not be getting enough. Vegetarians can get their fill from raw cow’s milk or organic milk but in truth, there is no whole food source of B12 for vegans, except for spirulina.

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By Sara Novak, Planet Green


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