7 New Ways to Use Essential Oils in Your Beauty Routine

Sure, some creams and lotions developed by dermatologists and hair professionals work, but take a quick look at the contents on your favorite jar of $100 miracle potion—chances are, at least of the few “magical” ingredients included are essential oils.

So instead of dropping major money on products that probably also contain chemicals and harmful additives, get your DIY on. Once you’ve got your essential oils in hand, it’s time to make some magic happen.

One important thing to note: Most essential oils aren’t meant to be applied directly to your skin or hair. Instead, mix them with a carrier oil—coconut, olive, jojoba—to avoid irritation and boost the hydrating properties of your beautifying recipe.

1. Say “bye” to bumps.

Ugh, acne. Pesky pimples can still plague you as an adult, but you don’t have to slather on harsh, irritating acne creams each night. Instead, opt for tea tree oil. The oil naturally kills bacteria, making it the perfect choice to fight acne-causing bacteria. Bonus: It works to fight nail fungus, dandruff, and it can even take the sting out of bug bites. Thyme and calendula oil also work as antibacterial agents on acne, too.

2. Give your hair a drink.

Hair parched? Don’t reach for the deep conditioner. Instead, try any of the moisturizing essential oils. One of the best is argan oil—it’s full of hair-moisturizing vitamins and fatty acids. Same goes for avocado oil and castor oil.

3. Grow those strands.

Ylang-ylang oil has been used for centuries to both protect hair from salty ocean water and keep it long and strong. Jamaican black castor oil also helps with growth.

4. Brighten your skin—and your day.

Dull skin got you down? Make your face shine as bright as your personality by adding rose hip and jasmine oil to your arsenal. Rose hip oil contains vitamin C and lycopene and is made to rejuvenate the skin, while jasmine is made to help skin elasticity and fade stretch marks.

5. Turn back the clock.

Acid peels? Surely, you jest. Instead, opt for essential oils like geranium, patchouli, and frankincense. Geranium oil has astringent properties that can help tighten aging skin while encouraging skin cell turnover. Patchouli and frankincense have the same anti-aging effects, but they also help control skin oiliness, along with eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis.

6. Block those free radicals.

Beta-carotene and vitamin A found in carrot seed oil both detoxify the skin and promote cell growth. This, in turn, helps block nasty free radicals found in the environment. Some also swear by it as a natural sunscreen, but doctors are split on whether it really can replace your store-bought skin protection.

7. Slough off the dead stuff.

The key to youthful, glowing skin? Exfoliation, exfoliation, exfoliation! Sweet almond oil offers a natural—and non-irritating—way to get rid of dead skin cells. The oil also works to even out skin tone and lighten tough dark spots that come from the sun.

Written by Meagan Morris, and reposted with permission from Thrive Market

Photo credit: Paul Delmont

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Beryl Ludwig
Beryl L1 years ago

Cheryl Mallon-Bond is absolutely right. you must know that your oils are pure. if you use something such as perfumed oil or non-organic oil you are asking for burning stinging and breakout and the toxic chemicals leeching into your body. Good advice Cheryl

Beryl Ludwig
Beryl L1 years ago

I love using my essential oils for lots of things from beauty products to household products aromatherapy is one thing you always have the additional benefit. I have found the best mix for my nighttime beauty ritual is a milky wash nd then 3 drops frankincense and 3 drop patchouli and 3 drops rose, or your can double the frankincense, (which I love and always double it) per teaspoon of jojoba oil. rub gently into face neck and de' colle te' it does indeed clean and remove surface cells, therefore, rejuvinating your complexion and the leftover not rubbed into your hands or a bit extra finger combed through your hair is a lovely scent and the jojoba is excellent for your hair as well. puts a shine on and feels so baby soft in the am. Don't wash off the oil in the morning just use a lukewarm washcloth gently or just the hands to wash it gently off any excess skin. then id you really must Do your makeup, but w/o your skin is soft and glowing and needn't be hidden in a layer of man-made make-up. I go au naturelle and get compliments on my skin almost daily. I always share my secret only to bewilder those curious onlookers. occasionally I meet someone who at least knows something about using e.o.'s

Cora B.
Cora B.2 years ago

Using all sorts of different beauty facial products will not help your skin breathe. It is important to choose the correct and the effective product that will rejuvenate your skin. As i have sensitive skin, I use Image skincare product which benefited me the most and is suitable for all skin types. In the hectic schedule I don't get time thats why I prefer products which have oils and serums naturally and the makes skin radiant.

Christine Ko
.2 years ago

Thanks for the list!

Wright J.
Wright J.2 years ago

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Barb Hansen
Ba H2 years ago


Dimitris Dallis
Past Member 2 years ago

Thank you care2 friends :)

Lady Kaira
None None2 years ago


Elizabeth Brawn
Elizabeth Brawn2 years ago

i will become an aromatherapist

Quanta Kiran
Quanta Kiran2 years ago