7 Reasons to Attend a Yoga Class In Person

Developing an at-home yoga practice is a great step in anyone’s yoga and fitness journey, but there are also plenty of reasons you may want to go into a class in person.

Practicing at home helps you develop consistency, helps you learn how to build a yoga routine for yourself, and gives you the ability to do yoga whenever, wherever. However, if you’re new to yoga, you find yourself getting bored, or you find that the yoga poses you’re trying are either ineffective or uncomfortable, you’d probably benefit from an in person class with a certified teacher.

Here are a few reasons to make the trek out to your local yoga studio.

You’ll Learn Proper Form

Perhaps the most important reason to visit a yoga class in person is because teachers can help you learn the proper form for all of your poses. As a yoga teacher, I’ve seen so many new yogis doing poses incorrectly. As yoga becomes more and more popular, we are now beginning to see repetitive stress injuries caused by practicing yoga with improper form. Let a certified teacher show you the proper way to complete your favorite poses and transitions.

You’ll Learn Modifications

A good teacher can also help you discover modifications for poses that may be difficult or painful for you. For example, if you have knee pain, you probably shouldn’t be doing a traditional pigeon pose… A supine variation on the pose is a lot safer for the knees. Modifications like these not only feel better, they can help reduce your risk of injury.

You’ll Try New Things

If you’ve ever gotten stuck in a yoga rut, you know that variety is often the key to staying engaged with your practice. New and challenging poses require intense focus, forcing you to concentrate on the task at hand which helps silence the mind and get you in the zone.

You’ll Learn Different Perspectives

Every teacher brings a new perspective to your yoga practice. Discovering teachers’ methods for getting into new poses can be refreshing and help you expand your own practice.

You’ll Meet New People

Of course, one of the best reasons to go to a yoga class is to meet new yoga friends! Building a workout community encourages you to show up to your practice.

You’ll Put in Extra Effort

Many of us know all too well the “gym effect.” When it feels like someone is watching us, we’re likely to work harder than usual. Putting in all that extra hard work helps you get a better workout during your practice, which leads to…

You’ll Have an Amazing Savasana

Most yoga classes are a preparation for your final resting pose: Savasana. Going to a challenging class with a teacher who knows how to guide you into this meditative state will help you reap the benefits of yoga in the best way possible.

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