7 Reasons to Swim All Year Long

Summer is wrapping up, and though itís still warm enough in most of the country to hit natural bodies of water and outdoor pools, the season change doesnít mean swimming season has to stop. Thatís because swimming is actually one of the best types of exercise your body can get; it increases heart health, reduces stress and even offers relief from some chronic diseases. Read on for reasons you should take to the water for the rest of the summer and all year round.

1. Itís Easier and More Effective Than Exercising on Land.

Moving through water offers more resistance than moving through air, making it easier to burn calories and build muscle. At the same time, water also makes you more buoyant, which in turn makes it easier for your body to perform different movements (as anyone whoís ever performed underwater flips and tumbles can attest to). Water also cools your body down, making you much less likely to overheat while swimming.

2. It Reduces Stress.

Swimming can provide a relaxing environment for both your body and mind. The lapping of the water and the rhythm of your own breathing can lull you into an almost meditative state, and thatís not to mention the endorphins your brain releases while exercising. But studies show that swimming can also have positive long-term effects on mental tone and attitude, reducing overall levels of stress and anxiety.

3. Itís Good for Your Heart.

Swimming offers plenty of health benefits, but one of its most notable effects is on your heart. A State University of New York study found that swimmers have better blood pressure, lower heart rates, improved breathing and improved circulation. Swimming therapy is also good for people recovering from heart failure.

4. Itís Great for Older Adults.

One of the great things about swimming is that almost anybody can enjoy and benefit from it, regardless of age or physical ability. For older adults, water exercise has been shown to decrease disability and improve quality of life. Swimming can also help post-menopausal women improve or maintain bone health.

5. Itís Great for Kids, Too.

In addition to good exercise, swimming is a great therapy tool for kids with asthma. Compared to other physical activities, swimming is less likely to provoke asthma attacks, and kids who swim report lessened symptoms, fewer hospital visits and long-term heath improvements even after they stop swimming.

6. It Can Help with Chronic Illness.

Swimming can have great benefits for those who suffer from arthritis, improving affected joints without aggravating symptoms. Water exercise is also one of the most effective workout methods for people who suffer from fibromyalgia.

7. It Can Help You Live Longer.

Swimming is so good for you that it might even extend the length of your life. A long-term study conducted by the University of South Carolina followed 40,000 men over the course of 32 years, and it found that those who swam had a 50 percent lower death rate compared to other men in the studyóeven those who performed other types of regular exercise. Researchers say thereís no reason to believe those numbers shouldnít also apply to women.


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