7 Reasons You Feel Like A Zombie In The Morning

A few nights ago I stayed up too late, even though I knew I had an early meeting in another town. When I woke up the next morning, I tried to brew a pot of coffee without pouring water into the reservoir. Even when standing there in front of the empty decanter, it took my sluggish mind a few minutes to realize what I’d done wrong.

The average adult needs at least 7 – 9 hours of sleep every night, yet few of us achieve it. Staying up to watch our favorite late night program or stressing over a work project often cut into these precious hours. We shrug off the zombie feeling and prop ourselves up with caffeine and sugar, but this ongoing lack of sleep is making us very sick.

It’s important to point out that not all sleep deprivation is obvious like my story about staying up late and getting up earlier than usual. Often we just cheat ourselves out of an hour or two over long periods of time, leading to long-term health consequences and sometimes deadly accidents.

Do you catch every illness that strikes your community? When you get sick, does it take weeks before you feel normal again? Even “modest” sleep deprivation (less than 6 hours of sleep per night) has been directly linked to reduced immune response, inhibiting your ability to ward off illness.

Have you struggled to maintain a healthy weight, despite exercise? Research shows that when the body stays awake for too long, it struggles to process blood sugar and leptin (a protein hormone that regulates appetite and metabolism), so more is stored as fat. Interestingly, sugary foods are what we reach for when we feel tired.

Scroll through the infographic below for more astonishing facts about just how important a full night’s sleep is to our long-term health. Then click on the links at the bottom to learn how you can sleep away your zombiefied self.

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Infographic Source: MPHOnline.org

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I am feeling sleepy. So off to bed I go.

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Pamela Thomas3 years ago

I came to see my son in an New Englander state. Im from Florida.
It's been snowing since I've been here, so I have been sleeping since
I've been here. First, I was bored: Second, I was frustrated: Now, schucks
third I'm just enjoying the sleep. Good article.

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I am a great believer in sleep so this was interesting - thank you - as the poem says 'And Love it was the best of them, But Sleep worth all the rest of them'

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Thank you Beth, but I feel like a zobie when I also read these:


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