7 Remarkable Natural Treatments for Chronic Pain

No one is safe from chronic pain. Reports show it affects about 20 percent of U.S adults, and it’s more likely to affect women.

Most people struggling with chronic pain opt for painkillers. Unfortunately, painkillers have scary side effects and some are addictive.

That’s why many chronic pain patients are seeking natural ways to ease the pain. Well, they’re in luck because recent studies show that natural pain treatment methods that doctors once scoffed at actually can help reduce pain or eliminate it completely.

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Natural Remedies for Chronic Pain

Whether you’re struggling with low-level discomfort or agonizing chronic pain, try these natural treatments to get some relief.

1. Exercise

Chronic pain can make it extremely difficult for you to exercise, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay inactive. Staying inactive will weaken your muscles, bones and joints thus worsening the pain.

Carefully choose exercises that won’t worsen your pain. Don’t run if you have knee pain, for example. Instead perform a low-impact exercise, such as swimming.

Even walking can help you conquer pain. According to research, walking can improve fibromyalgia symptoms and ease back pain. Other low-impact exercises like tai chi also ease chronic pain

2. Acupuncture

For many years, experts didn’t agree on whether acupuncture could treat chronic pain. Recent studies, however, show it’s an effective technique for eliminating pain.

For instance, this study found that acupuncture helped reduce pain by about 50 percent. Other studies show it can improve symptoms among those with back pain, osteoarthritis, sports injuries and fibromyalgia.

Harvard Health recommends sticking to weekly treatments until you see improvement. after which you can reduce the number of sessions.

3. Supplements

Unlike prescription pills, supplements and vitamins aren’t addictive. Take advantage of supplements such as turmeric, which has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Research shows turmeric can improve function among people with osteoarthritis and ease knee pain. Other supplements such as fish oil, willow bark, and capsaicin also offer amazing benefits.

However, see a doctor before you start taking supplements. Some can react to any medications you may be taking.

4. Heat Therapy

Heat can help ease acute and chronic muscle pain and sore joints. The heat helps loosen muscles, which may reduce pain and stiffness. Additionally, applying heat on a painful spot increases circulation and as a result, reduces pain.

Soaking in a hot bath is an effortless way to use heat therapy. You can also place a heating pad on the affected area.

Note that heat can worsen your pain in some cases. Avoid applying heat on a fresh injury or other acute inflammation, such as arthritis flare-ups.

5. Marijuana

You probably know someone who uses marijuana to manage chronic pain. Numerous studies show that compounds in marijuana can manage different types of chronic pain and even reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.

6. Mindfulness Meditation

You have plenty of reasons to start meditating. In this article, I discussed how meditation can help you manage stress, but I didn’t mention that it also fights chronic pain.

Studies show mindfulness meditation can reduce chronic pain by 57 percent. And avid meditators can reduce pain by over 90 percent.

7. Chiropractic Treatment

Many people were skeptical about chiropractic treatment in the past, but now it has been proven to reduce pain, especially lower back pain. Here are other problems a chiropractor can fix.

As you can see, it’s totally possible to manage chronic pain without painkillers and expensive surgery. Try different natural treatment methods and stick to what works for you. Of course, if these natural remedies aren’t giving you the relief you need, talk to your doctor about other options.


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