7 Shocking Sex Facts From Around the World

In general, most of us like to get it on. This is just one of the many things that make us great. But when it comes to sex, how educated are you on the weirder aspects of the beast with two backs? Here we have seven of the weirdest sex facts in the world, just because we want to give you a giggle. Enjoy!

1. Hitler ordered sex dolls for Nazi troops. The aim of the Borghild Project was to keep German soldiers from contracting STDs, mainly syphilis. Hitler’s scientists devoted much time and effort to the project, only to have soldiers refuse to carry the blowup dolls in their packs (they feared embarrassment should the Allied forces capture them). Alas, there are no physical remainders of the project, as the factories was lost in the bombing of Dresden.

2. Certain governments will pay for you to get it on. Don’t get too excited; these cases only apply to the handicapped. In nations such as The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland, it’s not unheard of for the government to supply a stipend for the physically disabled to have intercourse with a sexual aid worker.

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3. Sex drive-ins are a thing. In such places as Zurich, Switzerland (where prostitution is legal), the government is moving to relocate the trade. Thus, sex drive-ins were born. Running through the night, the sex boxes feature an alarm for the ladies to summon security should anything get hinky. It is an effort to both move prostitution off the city streets, and to keep the women safe.

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4. Sex toys are verboten in India. According to the Times of India, “Selling sex toys is a punishable offence, entailing a maximum punishment of two years for the first conviction, and five years in case of repeat offenders. Even buyers of such products can be prosecuted.” Bad news for anyone who wants to get their solo freak on.

5. Ages for sex education vary widely around the globe. According to a 2005 study by Durex, Germans reported receiving sex education at 11.3 years of age, while at the other end of the spectrum, Vietnamese participants reported not receiving sex education until the age of 16. Um, that seems a little late, no?

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6. Greece is winning at sex. At least in frequency. In the same 2005 Durex study, Greek participants reported having sex on average 138 times per year. Japan came in at a piddly 45 times per year.

7. Music festivals remain a haven of uninhibited sex. An MSN UK study reported that of the 2,000 people they polled, 55% of participants attend music festivals for the sex, drugs and alcohol, with the actual music taking second place.

article by Kristen Droesch, from YourTango.com

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Terry Wheeler
Terry Wheeler2 years ago

So sex is still o.k.?

Jonathan Harper
Jonathan Harper3 years ago


Cherry M.
Cherry M3 years ago

Is it Denmark who makes it legal to have sex with animals? Don't they have 'animal brothels'? Poor creatures are more often than not terribly injured. Not to mention the sick SOBs who participate!!!

Darren Woolsey
Darren Woolsey3 years ago

"Music festivals remain a haven of uninhibited sex. An MSN UK study reported that of the 2,000 people they polled, 55% of participants attend music festivals for the sex, drugs and alcohol, with the actual music taking second place."

Interesting, not that shocking. . .

Mary Deforest
Mary Deforest3 years ago

Didn't do research too well- the Swiss borrowed their idea of drive ins from the Dutch that wanted to make Amsterdam's canals and streets more gentrified and touristy like Disney World. The tourists are upset that they have to rent a car and find the ladies. Nothing like a 17 year-old student that saved up his money and went to Amsterdam and couldn't find the pot and the ladies. What did you do for the summer? Miss, I went to Amsterdam. I started laughing. Poor kid turned as red as a beet. "They robbed me Miss, it was false advertising." I'm not kidding-- the girls- I taught high school--What's going on? The Dutch moved the friendly ladies to drive-ins. Oh! OH!! That's so funny Miss- it serves him right!

Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe3 years ago

Well, I just learned some new things today. Thanks for the info.

Jordan G.
Jordan G3 years ago

"My Cousin Vinny" needs to go to Alabama.

OK, not as funny, but worth the 20 points.

Kate R.
Past Member 3 years ago

Always nice to be able to compare ourselves with others & come out as enlightened...