7 Simple and Realistic Ways to Be More Body Positive

Body positivity. It’s a big topic these days, especially online and across social media.

But how does one actually feel positive about their body? It’s much easier to say than to actually do. And even when a moment comes along where you actually do feel really good about your body, it often gets swept away just as quickly as it came about, doesn’t it?

Learning to love your own body takes time and practice. Even the most confident and seemingly perfect people find ways to hate their appearances from time to time. The thing about hating our own bodies is that it’s all relative, and no one is truly immune.

If you struggle with loving yourself in your own body, the following tips could help. They’re pretty easy to do, and by making a habit out of each one, you can start to see some big improvements.

1. Practice self-acceptance by looking at yourself in the mirror frequently.

Before you shower or get dressed in the morning, practice looking at yourself naked and accepting it just as it is without judgment. Acceptance doesn’t mean you have to like it. It’s mostly about increasing your awareness and keeping your thoughts quiet. Believe it or not, this will help over time.

2. Journal about the physical attributes you actually like about yourself.

Pick out a few things you like about your looks and write about them in a journal. Be as detailed as you can. Even small physical attributes or features count — like your eye color, the shape of your eyebrows, or even your fingernails.

3. Find body-positive role models on social media to follow for inspiration.

Instagram and YouTube are two good places to look for social media personalities who are open about their own struggles with body positivity and/or have found ways to embrace their flaws in an empowering and inspirational way. Bonus points if you can find someone who has a similar body type as you.

4. Determine your body shape and dress in a way that flatters it and accentuates your best parts.

If you don’t know what type of body shape you have, now’s a good time to find out. There are specific ways you can dress for your shape to minimize your problem areas and show off your best features.

5. Toss the scale, the lifestyle/Hollywood magazines, that pair of skinny jeans you’ve kept, and anything else that makes you feel bad about your body.

There are a lot of bad habits many of us have developed that we’ve become addicted to, despite how bad they make us feel about ourselves. Once you’ve become aware of how bad they really do make you feel, get rid of them and replace them with something more positive. A scale can be replaced with a measuring tape to track your body measurements rather than weight, lifestyle magazines can be replaced with books on personal growth, and that old pair of skinny jeans can be replaced with a new pair of jeans that fit and flatter your shape just as you are right now.

6. Be in awe of what your body is able to do.

You can see colors. You can feel warmth. Your body automatically knows how to repair itself when it gets scratched or wounded. You can run and walk and squat and skip and jump and kick and dance. All these things are pretty amazing when you really think deeply about yourself as a living, breathing human being. The list can go on and on, and they can really lift your spirits during those times when your negative voice starts to get in the way of your positive mindset.

7. Truly value your health and do everything you can to stay healthy.

To be clear, this last point doesn’t necessarily mean “lose weight” or “get in great shape.” All it means is do what promotes and supports good health. For all of us, that pretty much means using nutritious food as fuel, getting active on a daily basis, managing stress, and getting enough sleep. When you consciously take care of your health, you’ll automatically feel good about yourself, no matter what you look like.

Body positivity is a lifelong habit that requires a lot of maintenance work even when you do finally get there. Everyone’s struggle is unique, so make sure you tailor some of these tips in ways that work for you and can be sustained over the long run.

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Sierra B2 years ago

This might sound weird, but I think I am too skinny. I mean, I have really wide hips, I eat more than a teenage boy, and I never do anything to lose any weight, but it seems like every time I gain a pound or two, I lose it right again. This year, I actually started gaining weight. I gained about ten pounds, so I went from being my normal 98 or 99 range to 110 or 114. And to be honest, it freaked me out. I feel like I dont have a naturally attractive body, even though my hips are very wide and I have really long legs. My friends tell me I look fine, that they would kill to have my stomach, my thighs, my hips, but I don't feel right in a body this skinny. My grandmother is always telling me to cover myself up, that god didnt give me my body so I can flaunt it and show it off, and I cover up and dress conservatively because I dont want to disappoint her. I feel like showing off my body is a sin, and that I boys won't like me if I cover up.

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I get older, my gut grows, my body creaks but I remember we all spend all of our lives in our bodies so we may as well feel good about them and I try.

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It's good to be body-positive, but there's always room for improvement. Thanks for posting.

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