7 Strong Reasons to Say YES to Yogurt

Plain yogurt is one of the most versatile dairy foods you can enjoy. A cup a day will lavish you with an amazing range of health benefits. Here’s a look at some key ways in which yogurt powers your health:

  • If you are taking antibiotics, yogurt will help you replenish the friendly bacteria that is killed by the drugs’ actions.
  • Regular intake of yogurt keeps yeast infections away.
  • Served as delicious dips and smoothies, yogurt is an excellent protein-rich for young children.
  • It is easy to digest and promotes the bioavailability of key nutrients.
  • The proteins, vitamins and other vital nutrients in yogurt make it a powerful immunity-boosting food.
  • Yogurt is helpful in settling the stomach after a bout of diarrhea or constipation. It also reduces bloating and gas.
  • Yogurt is a time-tested beauty aid. That is because the lactic acid in it lightens blemishes and hydrates skin beautifully. Mix yogurt with olive oil and a little turmeric powder, and apply on skin. Wash off with warm water after a few minutes, and watch the fresh, dewy glow on your face!

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Tip: Fresh, homemade yogurt is always more beneficial than store-bought.

Easy Ideas with Plain Yogurt

  • Yogurt + mixed berries + cinnamon + honey
  • Yogurt +finely chopped cucumbers, onions and tomatoes + fresh herbs
  • Yogurt + mint + cilantro leaves + rock salt
  • Yogurt + olive oil + fresh basil leaves + freshly crushed black pepper + coarse sea salt
  • Yogurt + chopped walnuts + raisins
  • Yogurt + pureed spinach + crushed garlic +salt
  • Yogurt + diced or pureed mango

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Patricia G.
Patricia G4 years ago

oh ya those are some good idea in yogurt.

Berty Jardine
Berty Jardine4 years ago

Short but sweet article )

mitchell dawes
mitchell dawes4 years ago

Notice how this article is short?

mitchell dawes
mitchell dawes4 years ago

Uh-uh. Wrong. The pharmaceutical companies want you to say that. Last article I read was about yoghurt giving you a six-pack. Some people should really not be here.

Cynthia Blais
cynthia l4 years ago

the new line of greek yourt seems healthier to me thicker with less foo foo and the lighter lower sugar grams is important as all the sugar in regular yogurt rather defeats the healthy purpose

Heidi Aubrey
Heidi Aubrey4 years ago

Chobani Greek Yogurt is the absolute best. Their fruit flavors can't be beat. In second place, it is either Stoney Brook Farms or the commercial brand of yogurt-Dannon. Yoplait scores last place in all categories, in my book.

I was really hoping to see from others, how to actually make yogurt, homeade. I know they have machines you can purchase, but was hoping someone on this thread has been successful at making it themselves, at home with their own organic milk.

Jude Hand
Judith Hand4 years ago

I'm so happy that I was raised with yogurt. We had a lot of cardboard Dannon containers of individual servings in the frig. (Before attention was given to the rainforest). My three older brothers and I (kid sister) all had our faves, my Dad was raised with it by his German mother, so his tended to be plain w/o sweet flavours. A couple of hears ago, I wrote Dannon to ask if they still made the prune flavour and, if not, if they'd make it again. Sadly, no. Their coffee has never been beat, and I don't know if I've seen it in the multi company offerings. I drink one little bottle of DanActive a day, especially when I'm under the weather; extra good yogurt product for the immune system. Granted, it's not organic and it's dairy. But if you had no problem with those facts, it's yummy! Now, for me, Chobani Greek Yogurt - vanilla only - is heavenly. When I'm hungry, I go for the large container knowing that I'll be pleasantly full before it's empty. Worth the expense. The fruit stir-ins are too sweet and too many calories.

Maria S.
Maria S4 years ago

I love yogurt, usually have it with chopped fresh fruit and use it in my cooking.
Thanks for posting this great article.

Helena E.
Helena E4 years ago

yum, thanks!

Richelle Rausch
Richelle Rausch4 years ago

Yogurt with cucumbers & mint, an Indian food favorate!