7 Tips to Cure the Holiday Hangover

OK – the holiday or party is over. Yes, you ate too much. Yes, you drank too much. Everybody does it.

Even if you don’t drink alcohol some sensitive people experience sugar or toxicity hangovers. Whatever the case, no one wants to suffer! We want to be  at 100 percent so we can get going on all our New Year’s resolutions.

Here is a quick guide to balance out your body to be ready for 2012.


  1. Too much alcohol (or caffeine or nicotine.)
  2. Too many dumb carbs.
  3. Too much fat.
  4. Not enough water.
  5. Not enough rest, fresh air and exercise.
  6. Not enough nutrition and alkaline foods.


1. Alcohol is treated by the body as a toxin that it must neutralize and then excrete. This task falls first upon the liver which unfortunately is busy dealing with all the other extra chemistry which you are forcing upon it at this time.

2. Dumb carbs refers to the simple sugars like white sugar and starches. These contain little to no nutrients and in fact rob the body of nutrients necessary for their own metabolism and high level body functioning.

High levels of sugar slow down the effectiveness of your immune system.  Unfortunately holidays are when you need your immune system the most.

Dumb carbs are the leading cause of insulin resistance, affecting three out of four people in North America. Insulin resistance has been linked to weight gain, premature aging, diabetes, heart disease and inflammation.

3. Fat requires even more processing than sugars to deal with and eating too much makes us fat!

4. Most people are already dehydrated but alcohol and stress greatly increase this factor. Your body uses water as the first choice to balance and cleanse.

5. Acidity: Almost all of this unbalanced intake plus little activity combine to create more acidity in your body. A common sign of acidity is fatigue but there are many more. Read the 10 Benefits of a Properly Alkalized Body to learn more.






This is the very first thing to add. Can it get any easier or cheaper? Just drink two large glasses of warm water as soon as possible and you will feel better.

Lemon and water

This is the second thing to add … at least 10 minutes after the water. Lemon is one of the most alkaline-forming foods possible. This is a simple way to get some quick alkalizing minerals into your system fast!  Check out this recipe for Sugar Free Lemonade.

Shower (or steam or sauna)

While you are waiting for your body to flush out what it can with the water, give your liver and kidneys a break by cleaning off your skin. Your skin is the biggest cleaning organ of your body and it is probably loaded down with toxins. You will feel 20 – 30 percent better!

Smart carbs

Smart carbs are mostly whole foods like fruits and vegetables. These inject badly-needed vitamins and antioxidants into your system. Your body will use them to fill in any nutritional gaps and balance out toxins and free radicals in the system. Read more about these smart choices here: Smart Carbs vs Dumb Carbs.

High quality protein

High quality protein is protein you can digest easily without a lot of fat. You want to reduce fat intake while you are cleansing.

Protein helps your body deal with the blood sugar problems your body is exposed to. A particular amino acid, cysteine, breaks down the hangover-causing toxin acetaldehyde. This is why eggs are recommended in this situation. They are high in this protein. You don’t have to eat eggs though to get this. Cysteine is  found in a variety of foods including garlic, onions, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and oats. All of these are powerfoods.

Movement in the fresh air

The body depends upon exercise to move toxins out though our secondary circulatory system (our lymphatic system). Most people don’t get enough exercise as it is but holidays are usually worse.

This is NOT the time to strain the body though. A simple walk outside is enough. Read all about the benefits of walking at Walking Them Blues Away.


If you don’t have to be at work, now’s your chance to slack off without guilt. Rest is a doctor’s first prescription for a reason. Sleeping in the evening is best for the body but if your system needs it, resting during the day is necessary. This is a great excuse to goof off and take it easy!


If you look at these points they are all things you can do every day. In fact many people reading may have noticed this is exactly what they do every morning for maximum and long term health.

The only thing to change in this lineup is the order in which you get your rest and exercise and food.


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By Randy Fritz


Melania Padilla
Melania P4 years ago

Good to know!

Shelley G.
S G5 years ago

thanks for info

Richard T.
Richard T.5 years ago

One thing I always notice with a hangover, I don't just feel crap, I look like crap too. With pale skin, red eyes, and big puffy bags under my eyes, it's just not good. On thing you can do to combat that is, and I know it's been said before many times and yes it's a pain, drink water while you are drinking. The reason you look so crap on a hangover is partly because you are so dehydrated from the diuretic affect of the alcohol. More tips on what you can do about eye bags, bagsundereyesinfo.net

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia5 years ago

When I used to binge drink, I would drink a bottle of water, smoke a bowl, go back to sleep. I would wake up feeling much better. The bowl for nausea.

Jane R.
Jane R5 years ago

I always drink lemon water when I go out to eat. At home I drink very little water so I guess I need to start adding lemon water to my diet at home.

Sheri P.
Sheri P5 years ago

great tips, thanks!

Morgan Hartman
Morgan H5 years ago

great ideas

Randy Fritz
Randy Fritz5 years ago

Thanks everyone for comments.
Regarding acidic lemons. You are right - they are acidic befor they are digested - when you want more acid. But they contain alkaline forming minerals so after digestion those minerals help to balance the body.

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