7 Vegan & Ethical Beauty Gifts

Bath and beauty products are one of the most popular gift choices around the holidays and for practically any other gift-giving occasion, too. But there’s no guarantee that any of those luxurious and nicely scented products you find online or in stores are 100 percent animal-friendly and eco-friendly.

To find out what truly goes into the ingredients and production process of the beauty gifts you’re eying, you have to do your research. And that can get both time consuming and frustrating really fast.

Instead, look for products that already cater to vegan and environmentally conscious consumers. Here are a few safe gift alternatives to consider for that special friend, relative or coworker you need to buy for.


Soaps, bath melts, and bath bombs from VeganHarmony

There are tons of small businesses out there that specialize in handmade, all-natural soaps and bath products. If you’re not sure where to look first, just go to Etsy! VeganHarmony is just one store that sells great soaps and bath products—all of which are organic, SLS free, additive free, and against animal testing.


Oils, masks, cleaners, and more from Stark Skincare

Stark claims to be the only all-natural, vegan skincare formulated for city dwellers. They only source their ingredients from businesses that support their ethical standards. You can get all sorts of great products built to cleanse, protect and detoxify your skin.


Fragrances from A Perfume Organic

You’d be surprised to find what sorts of nasty ingredients most perfumes and colognes have in them. A Perfume Organic is dedicated to providing consumers with an all-natural fragrance alternative that’s free of acetone, petroleum and phthalates. You can find their perfumes in all sorts of popular stores.


Shampoos, conditioners, and hair styling products from Yarok Haircare

For that friend of yours who has a great head of hair and knows it, you may want to check out the NY-based haircare company Yarok, which means “green” in Hebrew. Their mission is to make the greatest positive impact on hair while at the same time making the smallest negative impact on the environment. They also sell gift sets!

Foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, lip color and other makeup cosmetics from True Natural 

There are lots of different makeup brands out there that specialize in providing all-natural and ethical cosmetics, and True Natural is just one of them that offers a range of great gift ideas at pretty affordable prices. Every product they sell is guaranteed to be free of harmful ingredients, safe for you to put on your skin and safe for the environment, too.

nudeNatural beauty gift sets from Sephora

Sephora has a nice selection of natural beauty gift sets for everything from hair and skincare to makeup and fragrances. You can browse through each product page’s details to read all about what makes it vegan and eco-friendly.

A monthly beauty box from Vegan Cuts

Vegan Cuts is a service that sends out goodie boxes every month to subscribers, which only include the best and newest vegan products. Their boxes are catered to different themes, like fashion, food, lifestyle and of course beauty. A monthly box makes the perfect gift that keeps on giving, and you can purchase a subscription starting at just one month all the way up to 12 months in advance (which gets your gift recipient a free box).

These great ideas should give you a head start on your gift search for that vegan or environmentally conscious friend of yours. Happy shopping!

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