7 Warning Signs of Clogged Arteries

Most people don’t know they have clogged arteries until they suffer a heart attack or stroke. Clogged arteries are not easy to detect, because their symptoms are not very obvious.

Normally, arteries have smooth inner walls, which allow the easy flow of blood, but plaque can build up in the inner walls, interfering with the flow of blood or blocking it altogether. Mostly, arteries clog due to poor lifestyle choices. For instance, smoking and a poor diet can cause a buildup of cholesterol, fibrin, calcium and fat in the inner walls of the arteries.

7 Warning Signs of Clogged Arteries

Signs of Clogged Arteries

Since clogged arteries can cause life-threatening diseases, it’s important to know the symptoms. These are the common signs of clogged arteries.

1. Erectile Dysfunction

As you may know, many men struggle with erectile dysfunction due to poor circulation. Clogged arteries in the pelvis can interfere with the flow of blood to the penis.

It’s advisable to go for screening, if you struggle with erectile dysfunction. According to research, screening men with erectile dysfunction for heart disease prevents heart attacks and stroke.

2. Shortness of Breath

Do you usually get out of breath when performing light tasks? It could be a sign that your heart is using too much effort to pump blood. Clogged arteries force your heart to work harder, which can result in shortness of breath and fatigue.

3. Crease in Your Earlobe

You should never ignore a crease in your earlobe. It’s a sign of poor circulation, and research has linked it to coronary heart disease. The BMJ article includes photos, if you want to see what this looks like.

Don’t assume that an ear crease is simply a sign of aging. In the above study, researchers found the ear crease was a risk factor even after accounting for age.

4. Lower Back Pain

Sometimes stretching may not help ease lower back pain, especially when it’s triggered by clogged arteries.

When plaque starts building up in your body, your lumbar arteries are among the first to be affected. In fact, research shows that people with chronic lower back pain are more likely to have clogged arteries compared to those who don’t suffer back pain.

5. Chest Pain

You should never take chest pain lightly, even if it goes away after a few minutes. It could be a sign of clogged arteries or an oncoming heart attack. See a doctor if you feel tightness and pressure on your chest.

6. Baldness

Some consider baldness a normal sign of aging. but research has linked it to a higher risk of coronary heart disease.

You are likely safe if you have frontal baldness. Researchers say only vertex baldness—loss of hair on the crown of your head—is associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease.

7. Pain in Calf Muscles

Many of us experience tight calf muscles, and most of the time that’s what’s causing your calf pain pain. In some cases, though, it can be a sign of clogged leg arteries. Luckily, a doctor can tell you if your leg arteries are clogged by examining the pulse in your legs.

Do you have any of these signs of clogged arteries?

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