7 Kitchen Designs That Make Life Easier

If you’ve perused Pinterest lately in search of kitchen storage ideas, you know there are thousands of images floating around, depicting various space-saving and storage tricks. Here’s a roundup of current favorites to file away for any future kitchen remodels.

Above: A wall-mounted dish rack frees up countertop space; image via Fab. For more ideas, see 5 Favorites: Space-Saving Dish Racks.

Above: Kitchen design company Viola Park integrated this knife block into a stainless steel backsplash. For more ideas, see 5 Quick Fixes: Knife Storage.

Above: An attractive dustpan displayed in easy reach encourages clean up; see more at Domestic Science: Vipp Dustpan and Brush.

Above: A drawer outfitted for upright flatware storage; see more at Drawer Divider Roundup.

Above: Tension rods as cabinet dividers and cutting board storage; via Martha Stewart.

Above: A clever pull-out cutting board; photo via DIY Network. For more pull-out storage, see 5 Quick Fixes: Spice Rack Solutions.

Above: A dog bowl drawer, via Better Homes and Gardens.

Now that you have ample storage options, do you really need all those wares? Look to Bea Johnson’s advice on how to live with less.


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The pull out dog dishes will trip you up and dog food will get into the runners so impossible to clean. A clear health hazard for a kitchen.

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That all white kitchen (2nd pic) looks like a hospital break room
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some very smart ideas and aesthetically pleasing, too!

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