8 Amazing Fall Crafts for Kids

Want to get your kids excited about the changing leaves and flavors of fall? Try some of these fall crafts for kids that celebrate the colors of autumn!

Now that I have a baby, I can’t help but look forward to when he’ll be able to get crafty with me. I’ve been collecting craft project ideas for him since before he was born, so this kid is seriously in for it once he’s old enough to properly wield a paint brush instead of just putting it straight into his mouth. Now that the leaves are changing color, I’ve had my eye on fall crafts for kids that he and I can do together when he’s big enough.

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My favorite part about crafting with kids is seeing where they take a simple craft project. When I used to teach a recycled crafts class at our local elementary school the kids would always take my ideas and transform them into something even better than I’d imagined. When you’re doing these fall crafts for kids with your own little ones, don’t worry so much about sticking to the rules if your child has other ideas. Let their own creativity shine – you might just end up with a finished product that’s even better than the original idea!

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I tried to find fall crafts for kids of a few different age groups, and I would also love to hear how you and your kiddos are getting crafty together this fall!

Fall Crafts for Kids

1. Preserve your fall leaves (pictured above). You’ll want to supervise your kids around the hot wax, but with a little bit of help, this can be a lot of fun for them. To make this a vegan project, substitute natural candelilla wax for the beeswax.

2. My friend Karen Lee at Ecokaren shares this awesome idea: Take the heartiest fall leaves and mod podge or flour glue (like you would to make homemade pinatas) onto a blown up balloon only half way. Then when they are dried, pop the balloon and you have a bowl made with fall leaves!

3. Decoupaged pumpkins. Did you end up with some some faux pumpkins at the end of Halloween? Grab the mod podge and some reclaimed paper and let your kids decoupage them!

4. Make a fall leaf garland. Head to the park or your back yard to pick the prettiest fall leaves you can find, then help your kids string them up with twine for a simple fall craft that doubles as a decor piece. They’ll be so proud that you’re displaying their art on the mantle!

Fall Crafts for Kids Fruit and Veg Stamping

Make apple stamps from real apples!

5. Fruit and Vegetable Stamping. Choose some seasonal fall produce and use it to create cute fruit and veggie stamps! Apples are a great option here. Try slicing some horizontally and some vertically, so your kids can see how the seed formations look at these different angles. Get some more tips on this project here!

6. Maple seed dragonflies. What a creative way to incorporate nature into your kid’s craftting! Collect maple seeds and twigs to create this natural project. I could see adding a loop of fishing wire or twine and turning these into Christmas ornaments!

7. Apple coasters. This project doesn’t use natural materials, but you can choose recycled felt to make it more eco-friendly. Your kids can help cut and even help with some of the sewing! If you have littler children, these felt coasters would make a fun addition to a play kitchen.

8. Fall leaf mask. These masks made from pressed leaves are nothing short of amazing!

Are you doing any fun fall crafts for kids this autumn? I’d love to hear about what you’re making in the comments!

Image Credits: Preserved Fall Leaves photo by Julie Finn/Crafting a Green World; Apple Stamping photo by Becky Striepe

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Lynda Paradis
Lynda Paradis5 years ago

It is always great to find some new ideas to keep the little ones busy. I have used this season to make apple-head dolls with older kids, since apples are so plentiful.

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Well i'll be trying out a couple of these but with my 4 legged kids! Thank you

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These seem to be fine for kids of any age. I do like the dragonflies.

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Beautiful ideas!

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