8 Bedroom Design Ideas to Induce Better Sleep

Feeling foggy throughout the day? Reaching for that extra cup of coffee by noon? You might not be getting the quality sleep you need. Many factors influence sleep, and there are serious consequences for those who donít get enough, including premature aging and increased risk of disease.

If you havenít been getting decent shut-eye, you probably canít wait to hit the pillow each night. But your sleep troubles might actually lie in the bedroom.

Try these eight bedroom design ideas to make your sleep environment a little more restful.

1. Use calming colors and patterns

Colors and patterns set the tone for any space, and in the bedroom you probably want a tranquil effect. “Earthy browns, watery blues and soft greens are some of the most comforting shades,” according to HGTV. But that doesnít mean you have to paint your walls an ugly brown just because itís supposed to soothe you. Pick a subtle hue that appeals to you, and limit the more vibrant colors and patterns to small pops.

2. Don’t skimp on your bed

The right mattress and pillow can make all the difference in sleep quality. And the same goes for sheets and blankets. There’s a dizzying array of options out there, all promising to put your body in perfect alignment and keep you comfortable all night.

But picking the right products is actually pretty simple: “Your mattress should support you and feel good. The same is true for pillows. Replace them when they become lumpy or lose their original shape,” according to WebMD. In other words, donít settle for anything uncomfortable (which, yes, is easier said than done).

The Better Sleep Council suggests you should consider replacing your mattress if itís older than seven years or shows signs of wear, you wake up with aches and pains or youíve had better sleep elsewhere. A mattress is a major purchase, so donít hesitate to take advantage of trial periods many companies offer until you find what works for you.

3. Control light and sound

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Light tells our brains itís time to get up. So youíll definitely want some decent window treatments as part of your bedroom decor. “Choose room-darkening blinds, shades or drapes that allow you to plunge the room into peaceful darkness for sleep but let the sunshine in the rest of the time,” the Better Sleep Council suggests. Plus, use lower-wattage bulbs, dimmer switches and lampshades to soften lighting prior to sleep.

And donít forget about noise. Adding a white noise machine, fan or fountain to the space can help to block out sounds that could interrupt your sleep.

4. Cut the clutter

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary away from your to-do list, not a reminder of it. “You want a calm atmosphere in your bedroom that makes rest irresistible,” according to WebMD. “Work, read, pay bills, and do other tasks in another room.”

But if you must make your bedroom a multipurpose space, be sure to incorporate storage furniture that hides any chaos when youíre ready to sleep. Having everything in its place at the end of the day can do wonders to relax your mind before bedtime.

5. Add some greenery

Clean air is best to rejuvenate the body during sleep. And adding plants to your bedroom design is a simple way to boost air quality by filtering toxins and increasing oxygen, according to the Lung Institute. Look for plants, such as the gerbera daisy, that give off high levels of oxygen at night. Just be sure to keep any toxic plants away from pets and kids.

6. Create a space for pets

A dog is lying on its back on a bed.

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When you share your bedroom with pets itís ideal to incorporate a place for them to sleep that isnít your bed. If youíve ever woken up to a dog energetically chasing a squirrel in their dreams, you know why. Plus, people with allergies might be extra sensitive to a pet in their bed. But, according to a Mayo Clinic study, you donít have to kick pets out of the bedroom entirely. The study found a dog’s presence in the participants’ bedrooms didnít affect their sleep quality, as long as the dogs werenít on the bed.

Of course, this is all personal preference. If your sleep doesnít suffer from a pet sharing your bed, more power to you (and your animal). For everyone else, a designated pet sleeping spot is key, so your whole animal kingdom can rest comfortably.

7. Skip the electronics

As most of us know by now, electronics disrupt our sleep. Screens emit blue light, suppressing the melatonin that regulates our sleep cycle. So the bedroom is no place for electronics, as tempting as it may be to watch television before bed or scroll through social media. The Better Sleep Council suggests setting up “an electronics parking area far from the bed” if you must have tech in your bedroom. Just donít forget to set them on silent.

8. Incorporate feng shui tactics

According to HGTV, feng shui “is the ancient Chinese art of placement. The goal is to enhance the flow of chi (life force or spiritual energy), and to create harmonious environments that support health, beckon wealth and invite happiness.” Although you might not experience immediate health and wealth, it canít hurt to attempt a few feng shui strategies for a more peaceful bedroom.

Position your bed as far away from the bedroom door as possible but still in a spot that allows you to see the entrance for a sense of safety. Plus, choose furniture with soft lines and curves, rather than harsh angles. “The ‘poison arrows’ formed by right angles are thought to direct negative energy directly at your sleeping form,” according to HGTV.

And pick artwork and other decor “that depict things you’d like to see manifest in your life, whether success, love or inner peace.” Hang something especially inspiring opposite your bed, so itís the last thing you see at night and first thing when you wake. This ideally will create some positive vibes to improve your sleep.

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