8 Booze-Free Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

You donít need alcohol to celebrate the new year. Whatever your reason for steering clear of booze, you can still have a killer New Yearís Eve without it. Here are 8 inspiring ideas that will†make your booze-free New Yearís Eve truly awesome.

Drink an alcohol-free wellness mocktail

When midnight comes and everyone is holding a glass of champagne, it can feel like a real bummer to be sober.†But being healthy can be fancy and festive, too! Juice some carrots, beets, lemon and ginger in a juicer, add a spritz of seltzer and youíve got yourself a delicious wellness mocktail! (Important note: If you are prone to spilling things on yourself or other people and/or are wearing white or sitting on a white couch, beet juice might not be the best idea.) For mid-party shots, †juice some nourishing wheatgrass or combine some apple cider vinegar, honey and cayenne for a bit of a kick.

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Friends celebrating with sparklers at sunset

Hike†up a mountain

This is by far my favorite epic way to celebrate the incoming year. It doesnít have to be a large mountain, either. My New Yearís Eve ďmountain hikeĒ takes a little over an hour round trip. But the symbolism of summiting a peak, no matter the size, just as the clock strikes 12 is really special. Itís a great way to start off the year. Just donít forget your headlamps/flashlights, plenty of warm layers and a celebratory beverage for the summit. A thermos of hot chocolate is a great choice, or a booze-free hot toddy.

Roll out†a game night

A rousing bout of Cards Against Humanity or some competitive Scrabble can make your New Yearís Eve fun and mentally stimulating. Find yourself a group of 4 friends and youíre good to go for most games. A game night can be as low-key or intense as you want.†If someone brings some chips and guacamole, I canít think of a better way to ring in the new year! Plenty of fun to be had for ages 12+ up.

Bonfire with sparks flying around

Bond†around†a bonfire

If you live in an area where you can safely have a bonfire, do it. Invite over your friends and family, make some hot Fire Cider toddies, roast some marshmallows, play some music and rejoice in the good cheer and warming flames as 2018 descends upon you. If you canít have an outdoor fire in your area, find a friend with an indoor fireplace and flock over there for the next best thing. If you are unsure, check your local fire regulations.

Create†vision boards with your friends

Want to make some changes? Have big plans for 2018? Get a few friends together, along with a pile of magazines and art supplies, and spend the night making vision boards. Get creative by doodling and personalizing your board with your favorite things so that itís something you actually want to look at every day. It’s a powerful way to manifest your intentions for the year.

fresh pasta and pasta machine

Get cooking

Invite some friends over and have a cooking party. Have everyone make one taco ingredient from scratch (beans, tortillas, guacamole, salsa, protein) and come together for a supreme taco feast! Or have a pasta-making party, or cheese-making. That way your collective work yields big rewards in the form of homemade pasta or cheese.†If you’re looking for an alcohol-free sense of community on New Year’s Eve, this may be the ticket. Making something new is always more interesting than getting buzzed.

Cozy up for†a movie night

Anyone for watching the original Star Wars trilogy? There is no rule that says you have to go out and party on New Yearís Eve. Staying home can oftentimes be more satisfying. A cozy movie marathon at home might be just the thing you need to transition from one year to the next. Whether youíre solo or with a group of friends, prepare with lots of popcorn and interesting seasonings.

woman sipping coffee in a magic moment of quiet

Indulge in†a luxurious home spa evening

If you are going to be celebrating New Yearís Eve solo this year, donít feel down. Also don’t feel pressured to drink by yourself. Use the evening to pamper yourself and care for your body so that you can start the New Year with a fresh face and a clean outlook. Take a bubble bath, practice some self-massage (abhyanga-style), meditate, read a book, stretch, play with†some henna hair dye, have some chocolate, treat your face to a bentonite clay mask. Indulge in the things you find most luxurious so that you are your best self on January 1st. It’s a lot better than being hungover.

How will you be ringing in the new year? What are your favorite ways to celebrate without alcohol? Share your tips with the Care2 community below!

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thanks for sharing

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Good ideas, thanks!

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Irene S
Irene Sabout a year ago

I don´t celebrate New Year´s Eve at all. My new year starts at winter solstice.

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Be a party host so you won't drink much

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Clare O
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happy new year

Clare O
Clare O'Bearaabout a year ago

I completely agree with having a relaxing bath and pampering evening to yourself. But just as you are preparing some ex or old friend will phone and whine that they are all alone and miserable and need your company. Well if you can possibly put them off do. You will be stuck hearing about their misery all night. They are just using you to feel better. Enjoy your own company and play nice music instead.