8 Common Diet and Exercise Advice You Should Ignore

Before I became knowledgeable about health and fitness, I held so many beliefs that were false. For instance, I thought that I HAD TO use weights to build muscles. And I don’t think I’m the only victim – you’ve probably discovered several health and fitness myths over the years.

Today, I will expose some of the most common untrue diet and exercise advice. Now, don’t beat yourself up if you’ve been following any of the advice below, just make the necessary changes and soon you’ll attain the results you want.

1. Carbs are making you fat

While it’s true that most carbs are high in calories, they’re not the real problem—overeating is! You can still lose weight even if you eat carbs. The key to losing weight is controlling calorie intake. So instead of eliminating carbs from your diet, make sure you’re on a calorie deficit and reduce intake of simple carbs.

Get most of your carbs from complex carbs since they’re low in calories, rich in fiber and nutrients.

2. Exercising more is better

You don’t have to run on the treadmill for two hours to be fit. You can get the benefits of a one-hour workout in 20 or 30 minutes. You just need to reduce the rest period between sets, do full body exercises and avoid distractions while exercising.

Don’t wait until you have time for a one-hour workout to start exercising—do short workouts when you have time.

3. Eating at night will make you fat

There are some many diets out there that recommend eating at certain times. But weight loss is determined by how much you eat, not when you eat.

Yes, there are studies showing that late night eaters gain more weight. But this is based on the fact that late night eaters binge eat and munch on unhealthy foods. This WebMD article clearly shows that the act of eating late at night can’t make you fat.

4. You’ll burn more calories if you exercise in the ______

There are all sorts of claims on the best time to exercises—morning, evening, afternoon. But exercising at a particular time won’t help you burn more calories. Note that some studies show that there’s higher fat oxidation when you exercise on an empty stomach.

But ultimately, exercising consistently and progressing is what will transform your body. Set your workout time based on your schedule, not on how much fat you’ll burn.

5. A certain macronutrient is superior

In recent years, carbs have been blamed for weight gain, while proteins and fats are considered the key to weight loss. Well, no macronutrient will miraculously melt away excess fat. So don’t rely on any macro for weight loss—eat balanced meals with all 3 macros.

Some foods like vegetables and other high-fiber foods can prevent overeating because they’re filling.

6. Strength training makes women bulky

Some women avoid strength training because they’re afraid it’ll make them look too muscular. But it can be more difficult for women to be muscular due to low testosterone levels. For a woman to be extremely muscular she has to do intense strength training or use drugs.

Strength training is important for men as it is for women. It’ll increase your bone density, enhance fat loss, boost metabolism and much more.

7. Eating frequently will boost your metabolism

First off, food has a very small effect on your metabolism. The thermic effect of food accounts for only 10 percent of the total calories you burn in a day. Secondly, the body release energy depending on the amount of food consumed not how frequently you eat. This study shows that increase meal frequency doesn’t promote weight loss.

The key to boosting your metabolism is to increase lean muscles mass. I have explained this further in this video.

8. No pain, no gain

While it’s okay to push yourself to do a few extra reps, don’t train until you feel pain. Hardcore training can lead to injuries. Train moderately, but make sure you keep progressing.

For the most part, being healthy and fit is common sense. Avoid advice that goes against eating unprocessed foods and exercising regularly, and do what feels good and challenging for your body.


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